Ishqbaaz Written Update 04 March 2017 Ishqbaz Written Episode

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Episode 04th March 2017 Ishqbaz 04.03.3017 Written Update WU

Today’s Ishqbaaz 04 March 2017 episode starts with Shivaay drives and accident, something sacres him and Sahil come and hug anika and kamini ask not to come inside as he is unauspious.

Sometime before….

Kamini comes and try to hug shakti and her pallu falls. Pinki ask her to put it properly. Pinki ask who is she? Shakti introduce her. And pinki introduce herself as shakti’s butterhalf. Tej welcome kamini and teases shakti. Pinki gets jealous and angry. Kamini pallu falls again. Pinki taunts her that to wear saree properly. Jhanvi ask her to sit and discuss about marriage and pinki ask Jhanvi to call Priyanka.

Shivaay says sorry to Anika and ask her to complete all things and ask to be careful as you know about my anger and knife. And both smiles. He tell khanna that you go, i shall come myself. Kamini teases Shakti about songs and their old trips. Tej also take part.

Anika bring snacks and Jhanvi introduce her as wife of Shivaay. Jhanvi call priyanka and kamini tell that I am ready for roka since ranbeer told me about her. Rudra says wait for Bhaiya. He calls him. And Shivaay by mistake drive on sleeping people. And get shock.

Sahil comes and Anika hugs him. Anika ask about his trip? She bring him inside but stopped by kamini as she says that he is unauspious for this good work. Ranveer tries to stop but stopped by kamini. Kamini ask sahil to go. Shivaay thinks what had happened by me.

Rudra tries to stop but is stoped by tej as we are ladki wale. Kamini throws sahil. Anika hold him. Shivaay is about to see face but is stoped by acting production team. He tell that stay calm as they are just dummy. Shivaay is quite scared (don’t know why?).

Anika and kamini hold stick of sahil. Kamini says that who are you to interfare? Anika says that he is my brother. Aunty ji be in your limits. Kamini says how down market daughter in law you are. Anika says that I am daughter in law that why I am quite but if I became sahil’s sister than it will not be fine. In Trying to take stick kamini fall down. Anika hold sahil and ask about if he is fine? Shivaye finally relex and goes and someone shoots full video, from his accident till he goes.

Kamini get up and says wow the person who is hurt is not taken care and the person who is unauspious is taken care. Jhanvi says that it was not his or your fault. Tej says let it be kamini we are sorry and ask anika to say it.

Anika ask why should i say sorry? Kamini says that she is too rude, lets leave. Shivaay comes ask what happened? Tej says that in your mother words that Anika has done Oh My Mata of kamini. Kamini says lets leave due to your wife. Shivaay take her side but Tej informs that Anika did all this. Pinki even taunt on Anika and on her status. Shivaay ask her to stop. Shivaay and everyone ask Anika to apologize, but Anika denies saying I am not at fault. If you will listen what she did with sahil. But is interpreted by Shivaay that its about priyanka and her marriage. Kamini ask ranbeer lets go.

Priyanka shouts and ask them to leave as if you do not want to have beg sorry than even I too do not want to have begged relationships and leave shocking everyone.

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