Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 01 September 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serialĀ Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More Written Update 01st September 2017, JGTPM 01 September 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (01.09.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Devi remembers her meeting with Adhiraj last night. She is worried about her college fees. Kaku saa comes and tells her that he will take care of funds. She leaves in her room. Kaku Sa’s wife tells him that what will happen to their daughter’s future if he spends all money in fulfilling his brother’s daughter dream. He says i will manage with time. Devi overhears her aunt and tells Kaku Sa my dreams are not important than my family. He assures her that he will take care of everything.

Sarat comes to meet Maa Saa to sing some papers. kesar comes with food. Maa saa tastes it and curses that she does not know how to cook and how her son left her because of incapable wife. Sharat feels bad.

Devi tells her Kaku sa to drop her at the mandir as she wants to pray. Rishika also says i will join you as God listen’s to kids prayer soon.

Kau Sa meets up a guy who wanted to rent his press. The guys says i want to buy your press not rent it. Kau saa says i don’t want to sell. The guy says i think you need money thats why i was interested. He requests the guy that the press is his only source of income. The guy offers to buy it and keep Kau saa as the manager. Kaaku saa is worried but he agrees for the deal.

Sharat feels bad how Maa saa treats Kesar. Urmi comes talks to Sharat and asks him why are you not getting anything stitched for the marriage. She says this marriage is anyways no fun and is not like what it seems to be. He observes mehendi on her hands and says that i am a lawyer i can see everything. He leaves.

Some men surround Devi and Rishika on way to mandir and pour petrol on them. Rishika is scared. They run. Adhiraj stands right in front of them.

Kasu sa is talking to his wife about singing partnership of press. He says i will call you later. She overhears Kaku saa being shocked as press is on fire.

Adhiraj takes doll from rishika’s hands. He asks her you know what is petrol, he sets the doll on fire, Devi says no, Rishika is scared. He says i can smell petrol on your dress, Devi says are you mad, he says you have gone mad, after three days we are getting married. He says you still have time, your family will suffer for your mistakes. She asks what will you get doing all of this, he says i will be happy, he says i am warning you last time, the fire is surrounding you from everywhere, she asks what do you mean, he says here you will retaliate, there at your home there will be fire. He tells her don’t leave and go without informing me. He tells Rishika to make her Didi understand. Devi says, chal rishika.


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