Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 05 September 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 05th September 2017 Written Update, JGTPM 05 September 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s (05.09.2017)  Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Adhiraj wonders how come Devi has agreed to marry him.

Bharat is upset with Devi’s decision to marry Adhiraj and says how can you not trust me. The other family members are shocked, Bharat says your guts explain her. 

Devi says don’t be worried, i have taken this decision as i have a big reason, i will get Adhiraj out of our lives forever. That day when i was coming back from mandir, i called my best friend and we spoke to her cop uncle, who assured him that he will send his efficient police officer to help you. But her friend’s uncle said that Adhiraj or his family should not know about this. She says hence i had to agree to marry Adhiraj so he knows nothing. Bharat is still tensed. He says if you happen to marry Adhiraj, then what will i do, how will i save you.

Sharat talks to Kesar and asks her what is she doing, She is pressing Haldi for the upcoming ritual. He says no body is bothered about the rasam, but you take care of everything. She smiles and he says you should always be happy like that. She says first time someone has ever cared about me. He says its marriage time, you should be happy. She says what happy. She says Devi has not come yet and there is so much tension. She says i am married and yet living like widow. Sharat wonders what happened between Kesar and her husband.

Maa saa is cleaning khaandani jewelry. Adhiraj comes and says namaste. Maa saa aks Sarat about property issue. Adhiraj what will Sarat do, government has come in between. Kesar says Haldi is ready, maa saa is happy and says today this ritual i will do. She says lets go, Kesar interrupts. Kesar says as per ritual first you have to put to the groom and den the bride else it will be bad luck, Maa Saa says i want bad luck for that girl, don’t use your brains and teach me. Adhiraj says, No Maa saa, Bhabhi is right. he says put mehendi, on my shoes, if she is marrying my shoes, haldi will be applies on my shoes, Maa Saa says go apply haldi on his shoes, Bhabisa trips and Sharat holds her, Haldi spills on Adhiraj’s clothes.

He stares at Kesar in anger. Maa saa curses kesar not doing things properly, she cannot handle anything or her husband. Maa Saa asks Adhiraj to change. Kesar is in tears. Maa saa tells Kesar to get new haldi.

Bharat is wondering when Devi’s friends police officer will come. Door bell rings. Devi and her family is tensed who could it be, Devi says may be its the inspector. Maa saa and kesar are on the door with Haldi, Devi and everyone is shocked.

Maa Saa remembers past wounds.

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