Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 11 September 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 11th September 2017 Written Update, JGTPM 11 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (11.09.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Urmi is dressed as bride in a ghoongat instead of Devi and walks to the mandir to marry Adhiraj.

Maa Saa stops them. Urmi is worried, Maa saa gets taunts Devi’s Bua who gets furious with her comments. Bharat calms his sister. Maa saa calls Baldev to welcome his would be son in law, Bharat performs the ritual. Maa saa stops him and says wait. She says there one more ritual, he has to clean Adhiraj’s feet. Bharat has no option and he follows the ritual. Adhiraj says you have to do so much for your Devi. Maa saa says i wish Adhiraj your father was alive to see this ritual, Bharat hopes that Devi manages to leave the town until the real marriage rituals starts. Adhiraj looks at the bride and goes towards her.

He tells her i had told you that your would marry me, i had promised my mother and now i am fulfilling your promise Maa Saa, are you happy, he says now let me see how does fear look on your face. Devi tells Bharat’s cop friend that you and Bharata have made a risky plan, why is he not here with me, Bharat’s friend says he is doing preparation for you to leave the town. Adhiraj is about the lift the bride’s ghungat but stops and says i can see this bad luck face later as i have entire life to see and goes. Devi is worried what will happen when Adhiraj will find out that it is not me but Urmi is the bride. Adhiraj goes garland ceremony with Urmi, pandit tells them to hurry with rituals else he has to go elsewhere.

Devi is worried that Adhiraj’s men are everywhere and what if this plans fails, she prays for her family. Adhiraj asks Bharat why are you so tensed, do the kanyadaan ritual, you should be happy, he asks where is your daughter, Bharat says she is small and very attached to Devi, she might get emotional, so we didn’t get her there. A man goes to Devi’s little cousin and talks to her.

Kesar is worried that Urmi is not seen anywhere, what if Maa Saa finds out. She calls on Urmi’s phone, urmi gets worried as her phone rings, Adhiraj gets hold of her phone. He takes the phone and puts it in the marriage fire saying i cannot see anyone between us.

Urmi gets up for phera and trips, kesar goes to hold her and sees Urmi is the bride. She is shocked. Maa saa says don’t stop, let the pheras happen. Devi and the cop guy reach a check post where Adhiraj’s men are present. Devi is tensed as they are walking towards her jeep. the cop guys says please cover your face with ghoongat. Devi gets into a fight with Bharata’ friend. Adhiraj’s friends says you can fight anywhere else and lets them go. The other guy says i think this is Devi.

Kesar says wait. Everyone stops and is shocked. maa saa asks what happened. She says ghatbandhan rasam is not being done. Devi’s Bua does the ghatbandhan. Adhiraj says wait, there so much to say, Adhiraj says you had called me na mard, i had told you that in six days you will marry me, now you have to tie this ghat bandhan, urmi is happy to do ghat bandhan. Kesar is worried what to do. Adhiraj starts pheras with Urmi.

Devi says once i have left this town, you have to go and bring my family. Devi reaches out of town and decides to call her uncle. Police inform Adhiraj’s men that Devi has gone out of town. he stops the pheras. Everyone is shocked.


Adhiraj sees urmi in place of Devi.. Devi comes on her own to wedding mandap and says i am ready to marry.

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