Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 13 September 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 13th September 2017 Written Update WU , JGTPM 13 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (13.09.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 13 episode starts with Devi asks Adhiraj where is my sister. Adhiraj says you have said too much, you know why history is important to us, it teaches us a big lesson, he reminds her that 15 years back your father and mother had died in a accident, accident can happen again, Devi is fearful, he says now this fear will be in your eyes forever.

Bharat holds Adhiraj’s collar and says tell where is my daughter, Adhiraj stares at him, Bharat begs and asks him to give his daughter, Bharat’s wife says your fight is with me not with our daughter, Adhiraj and Maa Saa are happy to see them beg, Adhiraj says what happened Kakusa, some time back you were shouting at top of your voice, come now smile, Adhiraj talks to some one over the phone and asks if the work is done. He says in your daughter my wife’s life is there, how will i let anything happen to her, he says she is at home, Devi and everyone rush to home, Maa saa says wait, first the bride should do bidaai, she tells Bharat to do arrangements for Devi’s Bidaai. She says i may be your enemy but will take her home, go fast i will soon come to take Devi.

Adhiraj says Devi you will be punished for trying to run away but not now later, Urmi’s mother tells her that Maa saa won’t leave us. Maa saa tells today it is Devi’s Bidaai and tomorrow it it will be your both. Urmi begs, Maa saa says pack your bags and leave tomorrow.

DEvi and everyone come home to find Krishika. They look for her everywhere. Kaki sa cries for her daughter. Devi hears some noise. Its Krishika’s voice as she is crying while she is hiding behind the stairs. Devi goes to her, Krishu says she was cried, she says i was looking for you. Kaki sa is happy to see her daughter. Devi says you are  brave girl, don’t cry. She says everything is okay.

Bharats says nothing will happened to krishu, Devi says how can you say so, she tells i had told you not let me go, that man will find me, today’s Krishu’s life was in danger, today she shouldn’t have been scared, she says this is enough, it has to stop, she says this is happening because of me, i will make this right, i will make this marriage work for Krishu’s sake and bring end to this animosity.

Kesar comes home and tells her that nothings is good, please don’t act smart as they are not good people, she says please get ready soon for Bidaai and come out soon as everyone is waiting for your Bidaai.

Devi gets packs her bags and takes her family photos with her, she gets emotional seeing their pics, Krishu comes to her and says i don’t like that evil uncle, she says you had told nah in the story that the princess makes the evil man a good person, Devi says yes, your are right, will will not wait for a prince charming, i will turn the evil guy into a good man. She says no more tears now. krishu gives her two dolls as gift and says never to forget her. Bharat comes and Devi tells her not to worry any more from now. He says who can i let you go in fire. She says i will not be scared of this small fire. She says now i am going in that house with a dream which krishu has shown me. She does the Bidaai rasam as she heads out of the house. 

Bharat and his family are shocked to see no one from the Rajwat family and an empty Doli. Adhiraj says how will doli come with bride, Maa saa says both will come, you don’t understand how much they will be insulted with empty doli, she says let her be at her brother’s place, her family will come and beg us to take her into this house. 

Sarat informs Adhiraj about property matters issues, Adhiraj says i will come and see what we can do.

People gossip about it being a bad luck, Devi’s Bua says that the Rajawat’s have insulted us sending empty doli, you should alo not go to their house. Bharat says this is good for us, we should not leave this opportunity.

Devi says NO, i will not run away, how will we run from destiny, at times we have to face destiny and make it loose, she says this is the truth, i am Adhiraj’s wife and no one can make it a lie, Adhiraj has done mistake marrying me, now will go on my won in this Doli.

JGTPM 14 September 2017 Precap:

Devi comes in a Doli wo Rajawat house and enters the house. Maa Saa and Adhiraj are shocked.


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