Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 20 September 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 20th September 2017 Written Update, Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 20 September 2017 Written Episode 

Today’s (20.09.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Devi tells Adhiraj to have food from her plate (the leftovers which Maa saa gave her). He looks at the plate and all are shocked. Devi says if you do this i can fulfill Maa Saa’s wishes. She says let me make you eat with my hands, he stops her, he grips her hands tightly as she struggles, he says you are very spicy chilly, you are enjoying this game, i am also enjoying, he says my eyes has fires in it, understand now only else you will suffer. He says Maa saa send my food with this girl. Devi says Maa Saa Thank you and leaves her plate. Maa Saa says Urmi’s mother to go and take plate for Adhiraj, Urmi’s mother instigates Maa Saa about Devis beauty, Maa Saa says my son will listen to my words, let this girl do what she wants, the girl has beauty but i have mother hood which is more important, she says call Chauhans for Mooh Dikhayi in evening, and see what happens in evening. 

Bansuri calls Bharat to come for Mooh Dikhayi rasam, he informs his family. Bua says this is Maa Saa’s new plan to humiliate us,Bharat says i still have to go and see Devi, so i have to go. Devi is cleaning the floors and says what Devi you had though of being a doctor, Maa saa you have made me maid Kesar comes there, Devi says thank you for helping me, Kesar says what are you doing, what will happen to you, She says not to be scared, She says either Adhiraj will come with me in store room or take me to his room, He says its important to have a place in the heart. She says ny Kaku saa said that it is important to dream, she says i want to change Adhiraj from evil person to a good person. Kesar informs that her family is coming for Mooh Dikhayi rasam and also gives her new clothes to wear. Dev says aa saa will do something again, she tells herself that Devi you have so far handled everything, you can handle this too. She says now i will also wait for the rasam.

Chauhans enter the Rajwat house and are greeted by servants, Kesar brings Devi down, she sees her family and comes running. Maa Saa stops Devi to meet her uncle. She says i know you want to meet your family, lets see if your family will fulfill my wishes to meet you.

Bharat requests Maa Saa to let them once see their daughter, Ma saa says i trust you as you had tried to make her run away, he says we won’t do anything now as we are your relatives now. Maa Saa says you guys have changed behaviour. She says you can meet Devi once the ritual is done. Maa saa tells Bharat that if we had call dancers for this rasam, but they have not turned. Bharat says we can do ritual without dancing. Maa saa says you cannot teach me how to do rasam in Rajawat house. So, now, if you want to see your daughter Devi, your sister will have to dance, she says she will dance right, else forget you daughter forever, Maa throws the ghunghroo towards her. Devi’s Bua is in tears and lifts them up to dance. Maa saa says hurry up, guest will come, start dancing and if not then you all can go home, Devi tells her to stop. 


Devi says you want to entertain the guests, but Buaa saa will not dance, i will dance, Devi is dancing on Mohe rang do lal, Adhiraj looks at her as she dances.

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