Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 28 September 2017, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 28th September 2017 Written Update, JGTPM 28 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (28.09.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Urmi gives a oil bowl to Kesar to give it to Devi, Adhiraj takes the bowl and applies to himself, his hands starts bruning all over, he starts screming and aks to call for doctor.

Maa Saa, Urmi and everyone rush to his room and see his hands are burnt. Maa saa says go call doctor, Devi says wait, she comes with a bowl on cold milk and says let me take care of it. She starts cleaning his hands with cold milk and says i am medicine student and we are thought how to handle burns, she is taking care of his burns and Adi looks at her. Maa Saa notices Adi seeing Devi. Urmi tells kesar why did you give oil to Adhiraj. Devi tells Adi that this cold milk has stopped your burning sensation but new skin will take time to come. She leaves.

Adiraj asks what is going on this home. He question urmi, Urmi is about to tell truth, Maa saa tells all to leave. She tells Adhiraj that the oil with poison was not meant for you, why did you have to take oil, she says i have seen how you are attracted to that girl, Adhi denies, she says i have seen how you were looking at her when she was healing you, she tells him don’t forget you are Rajawat and i am Chauhan, you are hunter and she is your prey, don’t turn from hunter to being hunted.

Doctor comes to see Adhiraj and gives meds. Devi passes by and Adhiraj looks at her. She smiles, Maa Saa notices.

Devi goes to her store room and talks to her mouse friend about how maa saa was jealous when Adhiraj was looking at her.

Later, Adhiraj tells Devi that you have done a favour on me by healing me, asks what you want, i don’t keep any favours. Se says i will have to think, i have done two favours, she reminds him of the day she danced. She says i want complete my last ritual of wedding. She says don’t worry not suhaagrat, i want to do pag phere, he says OK. He asks her to call from his phone, she asks for password, he tells her. She calls her Kaku Saa and tells him that she he has to come to take her for pagpehere rasam, she asks shim why Krishu didn’t go to school, he says Adhiraj has cancelled her admissions. She is about to confront Adi, she sees Maa Saa upstairs overhearing her conversation she makes them jealous thanking Adhiraj for listening to her first request. Maa fumes in anger. Umri and her mother instigate Maa saa about Devi trapping Adhi. Maa Saa says i will not let this girl do the rasam.

Devi’s family comes Rajawat house, Devi is happy seeing Krishu, Krishu says how much she missed school and her, Bharat greets Adhi, he sits in a corner drinking tea, Devi i ready to go for pag phere rsam, Maa Saa comes and stands in front of her. Maa Saa says you cannot go for rasam, else i will amke your lief hell, Adhi says if Maa Saa says no then you cannot go.

JGTPM Precap:

Devi tells Adhiraj you let my pag peherea rasam happen but you still have a favour that you owe me, Maa saa tells urmi’s mother this girl is smart, from now on you have to be sleeping outside Devi’s room and keep a watch on her nd make sure she does not come out. Devi overhears this and smiles.

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