Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 29 August 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 29th August 2017 Written Update, JGTPM 29 August 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (29.08.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Maa saa tells her bahu to hurry up and give Mehendi at Devi’s house. She says to put some Mehendi on Adhiraj’s hands too. Her Bahu is unsure what to do and how to do.

Devi’s sister Rishika tells her father that some men have come outside the house. He tells everyone to stay in a room while he will go and see. Rishika is worried, he tells her not to worry. Devi tells Chota Kaku Saa to be careful. Some men are outside the house and unloading decoration items to decorate the hosue for wedding. kaku sa stops and gets into an argument. The decorator tells him to allow him to decorate the house else Adhiraj will not leave him. Devi tells her uncle to let them do as they are helpless.

Bhabisa comes to Adhiraj and tells him to apply some Mehendi on his hands. he says he will do later. He tells her i have given you huge responsibility and make sure at any cost you will put Mehendi on Devi’s hands and hope you will not let him down. he tells her all the best.

Devi’s uncle is upset for keeping quiet, she says there is no point in arguing and fighting. She says he wants to decorate the house, let him do, wants to send Mehendi, let him, but i will not put Mehendi. He says in your story book someone wmight help the lady in trouble, but in reality you ahve tp save yourslef.

Kesar Bhabhia sa is tensed about putting mehendi to Uma, she shares her worries with Badi Bhabhisa Urmi. Urmi offers to come along with her to help her in this situation for her hidden motives. Bhaisa’s husband enters the house and tells her that he shocked to see  Kesar  Bhabhisa talking too! urmi says lawyer saab, how come you are here, she asks didn’t Adhiraj tell you. Bhabhisa says i will go to Devi’s house. The lawyer guy tells i will come along with you to give Mehendi to Devi. Urmi is upset she could not go. Bhabhisa tells the lawyer friend of Ahiraj to hurry up as she is tensed about putting mehendi on Devi. She shares with him her worries. He laughs off. he tells her not to be tensed. He asks her for directions. He says you can talk, you shouldn’t get dominated like that and talk freely.

Devi’s uncle says this emn are doing gundagiri in our house and asks her why are you tolerating this. A photographer who is tensed of Adhiraj requests Devi to get ready soon with the fear of Adhiraj. Devi tells her uncle not to loose his cool and that she will handle the situation and Adhiraj has promised not to force himself on her.

The lawyer friend asks Bhabisa about her husband, she says nothing, he says I will find out in marriage. Adhiraj’s men take Bhabisa mid way to Devi’s place in another jeep   and ask the lawyer friend to go and meet Adhiraj.

Urmi is thinking of getting the Mehndi applied on her hands at any cost.  Adhiraj’s Bhabi enbters Devi house with Mehedi and Bua yells at her, how dare she brings the Mehendi, she says no good man will give his daughter in your house and tells her to get out.

Devi saysthis lady would have come after being forced, she is our guest, Bua says this rajawat can never be a Chauahn guest, Devi says, see her the lady is scared, Devi says let me handle the situation.

Devi apologizes to Kesar Bhabhisa and says she understands that she too must have been forced to come here with the Mehendi. Adhiraj meets his laywer friend and is happy. Bhahisa thanks Devi for saving her from Her Bua sa’s anger. She says i am sorry i cannot help you, Devi says i know no one can help me, Bhabisa says i have to put you Mehendi. She says i am not your would be Bhabhi. Adhiraj and his friend get into a business problem and a court case, he tells him not marry after the court case, he tells him your destiny is now bad, may be after marriage, your wife will change your destiny.

She explains Kesar Bhabisa that she wants to be a doctor and make a career and not get forced in life with this Mehendi and stuff. Kesars says i cannot leave without you applying this Mehendi.

JGTPM 30 August 2017 Precap:

Adhiraj is upset with Kesar for not putting Mehendi on Devi’s Hand. DEvi tells him she will never do so. Adhiraj takes a lady and forces to go get bald, while Devi is watching and tensed.


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