Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 31 August 2017 Written Episode, JGTPM Written Update

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More Written Update 31st August 2017, JGTPM 31 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (31.08.2017) Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More episode starts with Adhiraj asks Devi are you sure you want to put Mehendi in your hands with your will. She says yes. He says see everyone my would be wife will put Mehendi without any force.

Devi’s uncle tells her no, she goes to apply mehendi. She puts small amount on her hands and asks Adhiraj f he is pleased now. He says no and holds bother hands. he dips both hands in Mehendi bowl and all her hands her covered with mehendi. He says now Mehendi shagun is finished. He says elders says that the groom should also put mehendi, it is good shagun, He misxes his hands with her mehdi full hands and she feels awkward. Urmi is seeing all of this in a disguise, Devi feels disgusted. Adhiraj says now the ritual is finished. If anything else is there, tell me, we will do that. He tells everyone to leave as function is done. Urmi says i will put mehndi on my hands at any cost. She goes to Mehendi bowl and applies mehendi on her hands. She too leaves hiding her disguise. Devi says what you think of your self.  He says you only asked for all of this. He says now this mehendi willd dry, colour will come and then more rituals will come. he says you only said we should know each other better, here i am now, He says this is our first marriage ritual together we should be happy and do something. he goes to dholak and starts beating its aloud with his Mehendi Full hands. Devi and her family members are disgusted and leave into other room. Devi goes into bathroom and frocefully hurts her hands to remove menehdi. She says i have no relation with that man. Her aunt tell her stop and hug her. Adhiraj recollects Devi’s words where she says this amrriage will never happen. He looks at his mehendi.

He looks at her picture on lap top and says now only mehendi, marriage is yet to happen. After marriage, i will enjoy hurting and torturing you. I will have fun.

There is storm and Devi’s uncle tells to close all door, lights go off, he goes to look for electrician. Adhiraj comes to Devi’s house and is right in front of her. She says YOu, She says goes, else.. He says Sshh.. he says don’t shout, else your family will think what your doing so late with me, she trips and he holds her in her arm. He says i have come to see if you got color of mehendi. He says let me tell you what is going on in my mind, i am enjoying fighting with you, challenging you, she says you can laugh and play how much ever you want for next 4 days, after that you will not do anything. Devi’s uncle calls her, she turns, Adhiraj leaves. Uncle asks if everything is fine, she says yes.

Next day, she calls her friend and says i need help from your uncle in police, here in sujangarh, police are of no help. Devi’s uncle is tensed that the marriage is in 4 days, what will happen to Devi if she gets married to him. Her friend asks her about her results. She says i have not got it yet may be i have failed. Door bell rings, Devi and everyone is tensed who is at the door. Devi says let me check. She opens door, postman gets her results, she is happy to see her result and application form for further studies, she says in a year i will be a doctor. They all are happy. She sees the admissions date are after two days and she has to pay Rs. 5 lakh fees. Uncle asks why is she worried, she says that the from filling date is in two days and we have to pay Rs. 5 laksh, how will we arrange money. Postman tells her to sign on receipt.

Adhiraj’s men bring postman and beat him up. Adhiraj tells him all the letters of Devi’s house should come to him, he asks postman what was in letter. He says i don’t know what was on the letter, but Devi was happy seeing letter, he heard that Devi needs Rs. 5 lakhs for admission. Adhiraj lets postman go.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More 01 September 2017 Precap

Adhiraj’s men put petrol on Rishika and her. She says what are you doing. Adhiraj says how will you save family in this game, how much will your resist.

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