Kasauti Zindagi Ki upcoming twists: Navin plans to sell off Prerna

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Kasautii Zindagii Kay (Kasauti Zindagi Ki).

Anurag and Prerna help their friends elope and marry. They get caught by the police and land in the jail.

Mohini finds out that Anurag is in the jail. She gets upset and asks Moloy to rush to the police station and free Anurag. Mohini and Moloy bail out Anurag. They find about Prerna’s helping the lovers to elope and get married.

Anurag realizes that Prerna values true love. He wonders why is she marrying Navin for the sake of money. Mohini expresses her wrath on Rajesh and family. She holds Prerna responsible for Anurag’s arrest. Moloy asks Rajesh to take Prerna home. Rajesh gets angry on Prerna for ruining their name once again.

Mohini thinks Prerna is bringing a lot of insult for her family while Anurag wants to know why Navin and Prerna want to marry. Prerna doesn’t know the evil intentions of Navin, who wants to sell off Prerna to a minister (Komolika’s father).

Navin supports the minister, who is involved in human trafficking. Prerna finds about Navin helping Rajesh with some money. She gets relieved that Rajesh will start paying the loan back to Moloy and save his respect.

Navin turns mysterious further. He hides his evil planning. Mohini gets a new chance in insulting Prerna and family. Anurag gets close to know Navin’s evil face.

Will Anurag find out Navin’s evil plan and save Prerna?

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