Kumkum Bhagya 01 May 2017 Written Episode Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kumkum Bhagya 01st May 2017 Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 01.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 01 May 2017 episode starts with .. Pragya wonders what is Abhi is talking to dadi. She says mehendi and Sindoor have such a interesting relationship. She thinks if you are destined to have sindoor and mehendi, it will come to you. She recollects how sindoor, mehendi and mangalsutra was applied to her accidentally which was supposed to be for Tanu, but destiny made it for her. She remembers how Abhi confessed his love. She says i only didn’t understand that the destiny wants to bring us together.

Mitali asks Tanu (actually Pragya in bridal disguise) what are you thinking. She says why are you not talking I am talking to you and you are not answering. Pragya thinks what to do. before Pragya says anything, Mitali starts talking again says and says you stand here only, i will go down to Aaliya and keep a watch on Abhi to see if Pragya doesn’t influence Abhi.

Abhi tells dadi to call Pragya. Abhi tries calling Pragya. Dadi says how do i make Abhi talk to Pragya as she is standing as bride outside. Purab says. Dadi tells Purab see Ahi is troubling him as he wants to talk to Pragay before he talks gets married to Tanu. She says i have told him that we have sent Pragya home. Purab says what are you doing Abhi. You want to make Pragya come here and cry. Abhi says you are saying this, you wanted me to not marry Tanu and now you are okay with this marriage. Purab says see abhi we have somehow convinced Pragya about this marriage and she has gone home. Abhi says may be she was quite in front of you, but she would be still sad. Purab says trust us we have made her understood and now she is at home as she has convinced herself about the marriage. Dasi says, abhi please go and get married we are tensed about the bride. Abhi says bride tension? Purab says Dasi means we are tensed about you. Purab says please go fast to the mandap and get married. dadi says yes, we all will be happy. Abhi asks dadi you are happy with my decision. Purab says we are happy if you are happy. Abhi says thank you for understanding me. They all leave for the mandap. Abhi sees a watch and remembers his date with Pragya.

He recollects a date which Pragya had arranged for him. He sees a nicely decorated place and looks around for Pragya calling her fuggi, while Pragya plays hide and seek to tease hi. He says enough of fun, please come out now, she scares him from behind… he hugs him and a romantic song plays in background… main phit tumko chaoonga.. he says where were you, i was looking for u for a long time. She says i was here only. he says if you were here, why you didn’t call me, she says i was playing hide and seek, he says i am scared with the feeling of you going away from me. He says like you never forget to wear this watch gifted by your mother, promise me you will always be with me everywhere, like my support system. Pragya promises him.

Tanu’s mother holds Aaliya and says you shouldn’t have told me that you will not let this marriage happen. Aaliya says i had only warned you. pandit says how much more time, the mahurat is about to pass. She says Tanu’s mother that i will let this marriage happen. She says your daughter is taking time to ready and we should not argue as dadi and brother are talking and we donot want to risk anything. She says you are making sense. Mitali asks Aalia what should i do, get tanu here or make her stand there only. Aaliya shouts at her to leave Tanu alone as they have so many enemies around. Aaliya says i will get. Aaliya trips, Mitali laughs. She says let me help you get up. Aaliya makes Mitali falls. 

Dadi, dasi and Purab come back to the room and gossips that Abhi is lost in Pragya’s thought. dadi says don’t disturb him and let him think about Pragya, as he will not ask much questions in marriage. Pragya thinks to go to and check why Abhi and dadi are taking time. She then thinks to go down to mandap. Nikhil thinks where is Tanu going down alone. Pragya trips. Nikhil is shocked to see Pragya dresses as bride as she opens her ghoonghat accidentally. Pragya is also shocked to see Nikhil.

Nikhil asks Pragya Where is Tanu? and what are you doing in bridal dress? Have you planned to take Tauu’s place in the wedding mandap? He says so this is your plan. He says Tanu already had doubt that you have come here, hence you have some plan in your mind and now i have caught you red handed in this red dress.


Nikhil hols Pragya, covers her mouth to lock her in a room, while Abhi is walking towards her but doesn’t notice. Pragya’s handkerchief with P letter on it drops at the room door.

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