Kumkum Bhagya 13 March 2018 Written Update – Pragya finds out about bomb in Abhi’s birthday party

Zee TV serial Kumkum Bhagya 13 March 2018 Episode Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Fans of Zee TV’s popular serial Kumkum Bhagya are witnessing interesting drama around Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) birthday party celebrations.

It is seen that on one side, Pragya (Sriti Jha), Purab and Disha have planned a surprise birthday party for Abhi while on the other side, Simonica has planned to kill Abhi by planting a bomb in a gift bag (presents).

Simonica goes to the jewellery guy to pick up the gift meant for Abhi and decides to plant bomb in it. The jeweler gets suspicious about it and informs Pragya. Pragya is shocked to know this and gets panicked. She informs Purab and Disha that the Burkha lady who has been trying to kill Abhi is once again planning something dangerous in Abhi’s Birthday party. She decides to cancel the party but Purab convinces her that they should let the party happen and catch the culprit red-handed. Pragya is not ready initially but decides to catch the culprit.

Simonica suspects change in Pragya’s behaviour and wonders if Pragya is aware of her plans. Meanwhile Pragya ensures that all CCTV cameras are working. Simonica gets the jwellery bag with her to bring it inside Mehra house. She decides to first check if everything is fine and then take the bomb inside.

Pragya is worried and is checking all the gifts. She sees Simonika and asks her to get ready for party and she should go to her room and change. Disha tells Pragya that if she is tensed like that, then everyone will find out that something is wrong, you should relax.

Sangram comes next to Disha and stares at her, she looks at him and he asks her for juice. Guests arrive at the party, Dadi and Dasi welcome the guests. Dadi hides the gift with birthday wishes for Abhi as they are yet to surprise Abhi.

Pragya check with Disha where is Purab, Disha says Purab is talking to security guy, Pragya is tensed, Disha says when Abhi will come to the party, then we should be tensed. Simonica is happy that her plan will be successful today. She will seek her revenge today.

Kids bump into Purab as he has some gifts in his hands. He is being careful with present due to the threat, Mitali inquires about the gifts, he manages to ignore her. Dadi and Dasi also check with Purab about gifts, he says its surprise gifts for Abhi. Purab tells Pragya that this bags have x-ray machine, we can now scan the gifts, he says we will have to do it in such a way that nobody will know, he says i have asked a dance group to come and entertain us. Simonika is also happy to see dance group enter the house and says with their help she can bring the gift with bomb in it.

Aaliya is unhappy to see Disha in the party, Tanu says i have already told you i don’t want to be party of this boring party, Aaliya warns her not to says against her brother.

Purab goes to scan the gifts while Disha goes to CC TV room. Abhi is getting ready for the party and wonders if Disha’s party has already started with out him, he thinks he has zero value, he decides not to go for the party and shuts the door in anger.He changes his mind and goes to the party. Simonica goes to her car and gets to bring bomb inside and aays soon there will be only while colour of mourning inside this Mehra house.

Somonica is about to trip with gift bomb, she recollects thought it is a time bomb, but it can explode with accident. She remembers that she has said to set time at 12 when Abhi and his family will get killed. She goes to the main door, where security guy stops her from going, Simonica makes an excuse, the security syas he cannot let her go without checking.He insists to check her and go through security check, she is tensed.

Kumkum Bhagya 14 March 2018 Episode Precap:

Pragya gifts Abhi, Bomb explodes, Pragya is seen burnt. Siminica says Dushyant i have finally taken revenge.


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