Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2017 Written Episode Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 14 April 2017 Kumkum Bhagya 14.04.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2017 episode starts with Sarla says that now on your life will be happy. You have to stay out of Abhi’s life. Tanu is excited that Abhi applied Haldi so nicely on her face. She shared her happiness with Aaliya. She says she is happy that Pragya is not around anywhere. She hugs Aaaliya and Hali comes on Aaliya’s hands. Aaaliya says i feel like it is my Haldi function. They both are happy that Pragya is not the house anymore. Aaliya says i will go and clean myself.

Abhi come sot of his rrom and slips on the floor. He curses himself that he cannot walk properly and always slips in his own room. There’s no one to take care of him to. He imagines Pragya who tells her that i am there to take of you.

She gives her hands and they slip on the bed together and look into each other eyes. She says why did you say that there is no one to take care of you. I will always be there when u need me, much before you need be and will always take care of you. She shares that i pray only for you, i sleep in the night you are theere, in morning i get up i see you…She says my heart loves.. she stops…abhi says what.. she says my heart only loves you.. i can give life for you but won’t give as i want to live with you. he says .. you love me so much.. He says even i love you so much and want to stay with you forever… He tickles her and have fun. Abhi  crushes his head  against the bed and realizes his imagination. He says i am remembering Pragya so much.. how much have i hurt her. i wish i could meet her once…i wish before separating forever i can meet her.

Pragys’ home landline rings. She picks up the phone. Abhi doesn’t speak anything. Pragya remembers says her dadi saying how lover want to says things but remain quiet. Both remain silent. Abhi disconnects and says why coulnt i speak and why m i troubling her more.

Door bell rings. Sarla goes to open the door and sees Abhi’s dadi. Dadi asks can i come in. She akss about Pragya and goes to meet her the room. sarla says you cannot meet Pragya. Dadi says i have to take her back as we have less time. Sarla says i join hands but i cannot send her. Dadi says trust me. sarla says i had trusted you,.but today Pragya is Abhi’s fan, secretary and freind but not his wife. dadi says you have trusted me before, do it now also, i will not let anything happen to Pragy, i have come to take my bahu. sarla says i cannot see my daughter living her life in Abhi’s memories and i hope things go right.

Pragya asks dadi you, dadi says i have come to see my bahu. Pragya says you bahu is someone else. dadi says people who love you will not leave you alone. dadi says why have you given up and letting Tanu win. Pragya says this is not about winning or losing, i have to explain myself that i am out of Abhi’s life. Dadi says you want to forget Abhi? She shows Pragya her wedding pic and says that you have not taken out this photo and you wnat to forget Abhi. Pragya says i have always fought for my sindoor and suhaag and have been only fighting. he asks what did you take me to you house. i have never taken happiness in my marriage. So much i have done for Abhi. He didn’t want to marry me. but i have maintained the relationship. He was at tanu’s place every night. i became his freind. then i found out about tanu’s pregnancy. i left the house as you wanted your grandson. hence i left house for your happiness. but my test was not over yet… later i found out that tanu and aaliya were ruining Abhi’s property and business. I came back to mehra house for your sake. I had to see Abhi’s hatred for me.. i used to feel bad.. but coudn’t dry in front of him.. i cannot give so much test. When things went wll, we loves each other, Abhi lost his memory, for his sake i left him. But again he came in front of me, i cudn’t tell him that i am his wife and had to stay away from him. i tried to stay from him, but he used to come closer to me…now we have again close to each other.. he says i love you but cannot marry you. He says your n mine realtionship is wrong and his and Tanu’s relation is right. She tells Dadi i felt like telling him the truth, but agaib thought about his health and hence i kept quite and am staying out of his life.

I don’t know what destiny has. i have given my life, my mother too. lost my sister.. and two days back Purab was in Coma. She says i have given enough test, but not anymore. I cannot do this.


Abhi says please don’t think that you are less than anyone. i have promised someone and i cannot break it. Please say something or i will die. She stops him and puts her finger on his lips. They look at each other.


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