Kumkum Bhagya Gossips – Bride Swap and Kidnapping drama on wedding day of Abhi and Tanu

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In the ongoing track of Kumkum Bhagya serial, we have seen that Pragya (Srti Jha) is shattered after Abhi decides to marry Tanu (Leena Jumani) despite of their love confession to each other.

Abhi wants to fulfill the promise he gave to Tanu and his mother who has emotionally blackmailed Abhi about her cancer and last wish to see Tanu as a bride.

Dadi tries to convince Pragya not to loose hopes but Pragya tells Dadi that she has done so much for Abhi till now but Abhi has chosen Tanu over her. She has been a secretary, fan and a good friend to Abhi, but she cannot be his lover and wife.

Viewers have been wondering what will happen next? Will Abhi and Tanu get married? Will Pragya stop the marriage?

Well, according to latest reports on the wedding day of Abhi and Tanu, viewers will get to see a major twist with bride swapping drama followed by kidnapping. A report suggests that Purab and dadi will plot a plan to stop Abhi-Tanu’s wedding. They would plan to swap Tanu with Pragya at the mandap, on the day of marriage. However, their plan will back fire when Nikhil (Rujut Dahiya) will kidnap Pragya.

Our guess is that the wedding day would see some shocking twists which would lead to Abhi regaining his lost memory and realizing that Pragya is his wife and soulmate.

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  • ritika

    kumkum– and kasam should be off air. their track is same plus they recycle same thing so many times. we are tired of it.

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