Kumkum Bhagya upcoming twists: Kidnapping twist to bring new drama amid Abhi-Pragya

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Fans of Zee TV’s popular serial Kumkum Bhagya will have to gear up for high voltage drama in the coming episodes of the show.

In the ongoing track of the show, we have seen that Abhi and Pragya get locked into a room as Aaliya and Tanu attempt to stop Abhi from knowing that Kiara is Pragya’s daughter during Kiara’s school function. Abhi and Pragya spend some moments together and Pragya decides to tells Kiara’s truth to Abhi but she falls unconscious. 

Now, in the coming episodes, viewers will have to gear up for more interesting drama as King gets jailed for Kidnapping blame.

It would be seen that bhi gets heartbroken seeing Pragya with King. Pragya misleads Abhi about Kiara. 

Later, King gets accused for kidnapping. Pragya meets him in the lockup. King tells inspector that he didn’t do any crime, he is an artist, not a criminal. Pragya tries to help King. He pleads his innocence and tells her that someone from Abhi’s family is framing him in the false case of kidnapping. Pragya knows King for many years now and she assures King that she will find out the truth.

At the same time, Pragya trusts Abhi and knows that he can’t hurt anyone. She meets Abhi and confronts him for trapping King in the false kidnapping case intentionally. She blames Abhi for being jealous of King and her relation. She wants to find the real culprit. Abhi admits that he is really jealous of King and her bonding, since she is his love, she only belongs to him for all the seven births. Abhi confesses love to Pragya once again. However, he denies to trap King in the fraud case. Pragya decides to solve the mystery and help King get free from police custody. Will Abhi help Pragya? Is this Aaliya and Tanu’s another evil plan? We will have to wait and watch!

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