Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 08 May 2017 Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kumkum Bhagya 08th May 2017 Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 08.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 08 May 2017 episode starts with Purab telling Dadi that Tanu will be in shock/sadma. Dadi laughs and says Aaliya will be more shock. Dasi says we have to call ambulance. Purab asks them to control. Dasi says they will be more shock when they come to know that Abhi married pragya. Nikhil’s goons are taking Pragya inside the place. Damru tells that Pragya is very clever and tells that he has to take revenge from her for his brother. He tells that abhi will be married to Tanu and then her conspiracy will be finished. He says your husband will become other in sometime. Pragya blames him and slaps him hard. She says you will understand when this thing happened with you sister. Damru asks them to tie her hard so that she feels pain.

Nikhil calls Damru and thinks if pragya’s mum reached there. They tie Pragya in factory. Pragya says you are doing wrong and says once my husband come to know that you have tied me here then he will not spare you. Damru asks his goons to keep eye on her, and asks if their walkie talkie is ready. He demonstrates how to use it. Nikhil asks where is he? Damru says there is a network problem. He tells that pragya tried to escape and bitten his man’s hand, and have slapped and threatened me. Nikhil say she is yearning for her husband and asks him not to leave her. He tells that he will show her husband’s marriage live to make her more pained. Damru asks Pragya to see her husband’s marriage live and asks her to dance and sing song. Nikhil holds the phone near Abhi. Pragya cries. Nikhil sits there. Pandit ji asks him to do the rituals. Damru asks her to cry and says you will have slap pain now. Pragya cries…and recalls the moment spent with him. Hamari Adhuri plays…..

Nikhil is happy thinking that Pragya must be crying. Abhi asks Nikhil why is he holding the phone in this weird way. He makes up a story about his fan being on the phone. Abhi asks for the phone to talk to that fan. After the initial reluctance, he hands over the phone. He talks on the phone but the goons shut Pragya up and she could not speak. Abhi hands over the phone back to Nikhil not listening to any voice.

He tells her the live commentary of the marriage and apologises for not being able to show her the marriage. She swears revenge on him and says that this marriage will not happen. Nikhil laughs off he words and says let’s see what happens. He goes back to the marriage.

While getting up, Tanu falls down and her face is revealed to everyone which shocks Dadi, dasi and Purab

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Purab says why is she hiding her face.

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