Kundali Bhagya 04 October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 04th October 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya 04 October 2017 Written Update

Today’s (04.10.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Sameer tries to stop Sherlin from leaving the house, but she tells that she has important work to do.

Karan thanks Sameer for doing his work, Sameer asks why did he asks him to stop Sherlin, Karan says i will tell you later, Sameer is curious to know the reason.

Rishabh tells Preeta that he has come to talk to her but before that he once again says sorry to Sarla, Sarla says you don’t have to say sorry again, that day also you had come to apologize in the jail. Rishabh requests them to come back to their house, he says my mom wants to see you, Preeta says even if you don’t want we will come, don’t worry, she says you remember i am still your Dadi’s doctor, Srishti says, i am sorry but i will never go to that house ever again. Rishabh tells Sarla to please convince Srishti, Sarla reminds Srishti how Karan took her out of jail and Rishabh too came to suport her in jail, Srishti says OK.

Karan is following Sherlin’s car, Sherlin is confident that no one has doubts on her, he says Karan too trusts her, he never liked Preeta in the first place. She says Luthra family has no clue why she is marrying Rishabh.

Rishabh is about to leave, he asks Preeta you haven’t still revealed whom do you love, Srishti says i know, she is about to saya name, Preeta covers Rishabh’s ear and he looks at her with love, Preeta says Srisiti is just teasing her, she does not love anyone, Srishti says she loves Deepak, Preeta says what are you saying, Srishti says why did you expect me to take some else name, Preeta tells Rishabh he is not in love with Deepa or anyone, Rishab is happy.

Sherlin gets into a hotel, Karan folows her, she bumps into a bell boy and curses him, she feels someone is following her, Karan is behind a wall, she walks towards it, karaan manages to hide himself, Sherlin sees no one and says i am just getting worried, no one is following me, She says i am too much, i love someone else and engaged to someone else, its exciting to do bad things, Sherlin gets calls from her lover, she goes to his room, Karan tries to follow her but some fan stops him.

Preeta is worried that Karan hasn’t called her yet as he is following Sherlin, she says he could have called and said what is the status, Karan follows Shelrin into  passage but Sherlin seems to be lost, Preeta calls him and she asks him what is happening, he asks her to talk to him properly, she says ok, now please tell me what have you seen, he says you were right, Sherlin has come to see someone and has gone to the room, he says i have just got saved she was going to spot me, she says to get some video on phone, he says what you think i am detective, he says i told you i was just caught by her but got saves, can’t you understand one thing baby doll, she says why are you calling me baby doll, he says i have to catch her and figure out something, he says she has gone some room. Preeta says let me come and help you there

Preeta is about to take a rickshaw, Deepak stops her, Preeta says i am in a hurry, i have to leave, Deepak says sorry to her for lying her, she says i don’t want to talk to you, Preeta gets Karan calls, she disconnects, Deepak says please give me 10 mins, its question of our future, Karan calls her again, she disconnects, Preeta tells Deepak i have to leave now, Deepak asks where you have to go, she says why do you want to know, she leaves, Deepak thinks Preeta is having affair with Karan.

Sherlin enters the room and is talking to her lover that she wanted to come to meet him earlier, but then she is engaged to someone, she hugs him.

Preeta comes to hotel and asks Karan have you recorded Sherlin’s truth, we can then expose her, Karan looks at her and says you said over phone to wait and not do anything, Preeta is surprised that he didn’t do anything, they get into sweet argument over boys and girls and blame each other to be stupid. A couple see them and says your jodi is superb. Preeta asks who were they, he says i am a star, they were taking selfie with him, she is about to say sorry, he says i know girls cannot say sorry. Preeta says now you see how girls are smart and i will find out Sherlin’s room no in few mins,


Karan and Preeta make a plan to get master key as Karan diverts housekeeping lady, Preeta drops a bucket and gets caught.

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