Kundali Bhagya 07 December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 07 December 2017 Written Update, Kundali Written Episode

Today’s (07.12.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Prithvi tells Sherlin how he did his emotional drama in front of Sarla, dadi and Srishti and made them feel guilty of doubting him. you should have seen my anger wala reaction and you should have seen Sarla’s face when i said that will break this marriage. He says that he will not break this alliance. 

He says it matters a lot for this middle class people when marriage relation breaks and i want them to come and beg to me and going forward they will never doubt me.Sherlin says i am so proud of you, Karan’s plan has backfired on him. Flashback seen is shown when in Hotel room, Prithvi hears someone at door, when he checks he sees no one. Sherlin says there was no one, but prithvi is doubtful. He says i am sure some one is watching us and i don’t want to take a chance, he says let me check. He tells Sherlin to stay in room, he says thank go i saw the security guard of hotel, when i showed him Karan and Preeta’s pic, he told me that this guy is here in the hotel. He says i have always been lucky. Prithvi and Sherlin decide to trap Karan in his plan. He calls Preeta and asks her where is she, she says i am in Santacruz for some work. He tells Preeta my mum wants to meet you, i don’t what she wants to talk to you, but its important, can you please come to this hotel in juhu. can you please come, preeta is in two minds, don’t you trust my mother, it must be some important work related to marriage. Preeta agrees and says i have to go soon as Janki aunty is not good, he acts that he understands. Flashback continues Sherlins escapes form hotel quietly and Preeta meets Prithvi in the hotel. Prithvi tells her that his mother is down for some work, she will be soon coming to room and takes her to hotel room.

He says Preeta went to washed room and stupid Arora family came to the room the same time. i did drama of being shocked and later made them feel guilty terribly. FB ends, Prithvi tells Sherlin don’t worry i will marry preeta but let her family bed for it first.

Sarla, Preeta, dadi, Karan and Srishti come back home. Sarla cries as she is worried about Preeta’s marriage being broken. What will i tell people, i thought after breaking engagement with Deepak, Prithvi was so suitable for your marriage. Karan recollects how Preeta told him in the past that he is saying things against prithvi as he is jealous of him. Karan feels bad that because of him Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage got cancelled, he thinks of making things right.

He walks up to Sarla and says sorry. Preeta says he never says sorry to anyone. He promises to her that he will make things right. I will ask Prithvi to forgive me and say sorry to him. Karan leaves the house, Preeta goes behind him.

Sherlin gets a call from Kareen Bua, she tells prithvi to be quiet. Kareen tells her that after three days it is your and Rishab’s mehendi and sangeet function and i think in next two weeks it will you and Rishab can get married too. Prithvi and Sherlin romance while Kareena is saying this. kareena is excited that Sherlin will be the daughter in law of Luthra house, Kareena says you gave such cold response, you don’t look happy, Sherlin says i am busy but i am happy.

Sherlin informs prithvi after three days it my mehendi and sangeet. They celebrate their victory and rikt together.

He says i am happy, we fooled Karan and preeta will be heartbroken as its is second time her marriage is broken.

Preeta sits in car with Karan and says i will come with you. Karan says why are you looking at me like this,  i said i will say sorry to prithvi, preeta says i don’t want you to fall down for my sake. She says what you did today is very wrong and you need to apologize, she don’t you think you are interfering too much in my life, and you rush into things without thinking about consequences. You will get stuck some time very big. I had put blame on Sherlin as i knew she was wrong unlike you who was wrong about prithvi.

Karan stops the car and steps out in middle of the road, preeta says why did you stop, lets go, he says i have changed my mind. He says i didn’t tell you about prithvi Earlier as you guys are so emotional about marriage proposals, you are worshipping like god, he is evil person. He says please understand that i cannot let you marry this guy, Sherlin and Rishab marriage i can stop with some excuse, but you i cannot, hence i had to do this to expose Prithvi.

Preeta says you don’t get it, this marriage means a lot to my mother i can’t see her tensed. Karan says i tried calling you several times, you didn’t bother to receive my call, she says i had so much task to do today, i didn’t want to take your call. She says if a marriage proposal of a girl like me who is middle class, gets broken you don’t now what big problem it is. She says you are Karan Luthra, you don’t understand value of relations, she warns him to talk to Prithvi properly else i will break our friendship. He stops car all of sudden to avoid accident and realizes that i was all dream. he again says sorry to Preeta for all that happened in Hotel. Preeta says its ok at time we go wrong with our judgements, he says preeta is so nice, she understood, other girl would have been mad at me, he lools at each other and they are lost into each other, (sajda song plays). She hints him to get going.

Sherlin is happy about her mehendi and sangeet and that soon she will be married, she says i can make Rishab dance on my fingers, they continue to celebrate. Prithvi is happy that there plan is going on right track. She asks won’t you miss, are you not jealous. He says why would be our relation is so deep and true, Risbah is so boring, i am nt insecure and i have big trust on our relation. The both romance, Karan and Preeta at Prithvi’s door.

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