Kundali Bhagya 09 January 2018 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 09th January 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s Kundali Bhagya (09.01.2018) episode starts with Rakhi asks Sherlin if she really hs an ffair with some one, if she is n ot happy with her marriage alliance with Rishabh.

She tells Sherlin that Kareena was coming to get her, but she stopped her as she wanted to ask her (Sherlin) that what is the truth, if Kareena and her mother are pressurizing for this marriage, she says tells her the truth, she can help her.Sherlin says no aunty, i am happy with this, i was earlier talking to myself only that there is so less time left, i should find my purse.

Rakhi takes her down as Rishab and Mahesh are waiting to to to the Club to see CC TV footage. Sherlin remembers that prithvi had told her to delay Rishab and Preeta coming to the club, till then he will figure out how to destroy the evidence. She pretends to fall unconscious. Rakhi gets water and sprinkles on her, she starts crying and saying that i don’t know what is preeta’s problem, she has so muhc problem with me, Rishab yells at her and says why are you insulting Preeta, if you have problems going to the club for prrofs then tell me, i can break our alliance right now.

Mahesh says why are you saying this for preeta’s sake, its it friendship or more, Rishab walks towards Preeta and says that i respect her and i know she will not lie, preeta is glad that Rishab believes her. He says i am waiting out lets go.

On the way Sherlin again does drama of vomiting to buy some more time, she gets out of car, Srsihsti goes to her and tell her to stop her drama. Sherlin tells her to talk to her properly, Srishti says let your truth come out, then you see what will i do to you, they get back in car.

Prithvi reaches the club and tells the guard that he needs to go to CC TV footage room, he is a cop and he has to investigate the drugs racket case. The gaurd gives him direction. Another gaurd in the CC TV room tells him to show his id, Prithvi tries to dominate him, but the gaurd tells him to leave if he has no id card. Prithvi pushes him and starts looking at the CC TV footage.


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