Kundali Bhagya 11 December 2017 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 11th December 2017 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Today’s (11.12.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan is thinking that i have only done this for preeta and her mother, i cannot see Preeta sad, how do i make her understand. 

Preeta is with Rishab in his car and thinks that karan does not like Prithvi and yet he said sorry to Prithvi for the sake of his mother, they think about each other.

Karan says how can Preeta not seen Prithvi is not a good guy, i could not see when he touched her, he says she is duffer, Preeta thinks that Karan did all of this for my sake, he was feeling solow, but i could not do anything, i am sorry Karan.

Karan reached home and he yells at sameer for coming in front of his car, Sameer asks why are you in a bad mood, Karan remembers he had seen another girl with prithvi in hotel. He asks Sameer is the law same for killing one person or two person. Sameer asks what happened, are you tensed about Preeta, karan says NO No.

Sarla is tensed, Prithvi and Karan home, prithi tells Sarla that i spoke to you badly in the hotel, i am sorry, sarla says i have to apologise as i have doubted you i should be sorry, she says it my mistake, i will  never do this again. preeta says mom what are you doing, Prithvi says i don’t know why has Karan spaoked ill about me to all of you, i ccould not take this blame, i was so angry and hence i had to call off the marriage as i was hurt.

Prithvi tells Sarla that Karan has apologized with him. Sarla also apologizes. Shrishti and Preeta forbid Sarla, Prithvi has understood everything then why beg him for this proposal? Sarla says i have done mistake, i have to be sorry, Prithvi does drama and says Preeta is right, you and i have both apologised, lets bury this issue here, he requests that will you still let you daughter marry me, sarla gets happy and Dadi too, he says i will have to talk to my mother, she is upset, but i will get her agreed, he says i wil check with my mother for wedding, sangeet and mehendi dates, they all think of having sweets, preeta says my marriage means so much to mum, she was so emotional before and now she is so happy, Sarla thinks of sweets and asks Srishti, she remembers how janki was big help, Prithvi asks about Janki. They say she is better, even opened her eyes. Prithvi gets tensed. Dadi says Janki will soon regain consciousness.

Prithvi says i want to meet janki, sarla says ok, dadi takes him to Janki’s room, sarla says prithvi is such a good boy, but i don’t get why Karan did all of this, i am disappointed, preeta think today Prithvi agreed to marry me only because of Karan. 

Karan comes home and asks what is all this preparation for, Kareen says this is for Rishab and Sherlin’s mehendi and sangeet in three days. Karan is shocked. he asks where is Rishab, Rakhi says he is gone with shopping along with Sherlin, karan says all is happening so fast, how will i stop, Kareena tells karan to join the for wedding prep, he says i am busy.

Kareena curses Preeta that it is all because of her that Karan and Rishab are behaving weird. 

Dadi tells unconscious Janki that Prithvi has come to meet her, Prithvi recollects how he had hurt Janki and thinks he should have killed her the same day itself.

Prithvi asks dadi what to you think, that day on Roka, was the fire by accident or someone was behind it. Dadi says we have no enemies, it could be accident or some one’s careless, he does dram that he is feeling angry to see who has done this to Janki Aunty, Dadi says who will want to lock Janki in a room, he says may be some one has hit Janki on head, Dadi says she may have been running from fire and something might have hit her, he says i think some one has done it, Dadi again says even sarla and me think this is accident. Prithvi says these people are foolish and he can never doubt me as they are indebted in my favour, he thinks i will kill Janki today, after that i have no hurdle,

Sherlin meet Rishab for wedding shopping. She sits in his car. Driver gives some meds ro Rishabh, Rishab tells Sherlin we have to give this meds at Preeta’s place for Janki. She is happy as Prithvi will be at Preeta’s place now and she will happy to see Preeta’s family condition after Prithvi’s emotional attyachar.

Karan comes to his room and is upset that he got blinded seeing preeta and her mother sad, he says i am sure there is something wrong with prithvi, he regrets apologizing to him. He says Preeta deserves better, she is different, she is a good girl. He recollects sweet moments with Preeta.


Prithvi tells Rishab that i think your brother is targeting me and digging my past, he is not happy with marriage, Dadi comes and says janki had a movemnet, prithvi gets tensed.

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