Kundali Bhagya 13 December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 13th December 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (13.12.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta tells Janki aunty to open her eyes. Sarla tells her let me talk to her, she yells at her in her style and orders her to wake her up, Preeta tells her mother to clam down.

Preeta says give Janki some time, Rishabh thanks Preeta for helping them every time right from Srishti getting jailed, she says you are lucky charm, Janki aunty opened eyes because of you, Rishab smiles and gives the medicines he got Janki. Sarla is worried, preeta says Janki was sleeping for 2-3 days, she will take some time. Dadi says let me call doc.

Srishti and Sameer get into a argument, he calls her Veli, he says you are always free and bump into me always, she says you do timepass not me. Rakhi comes asks why are you guys fighting, she says Srishti is such a sweet girl, sameer says pata nahi, srishti says he is patanahin.com, he has no clue about anything. Rakhi laughs and asks do you like Srishti or not, he says no, she asks what if i ask you Srishti, Srishti also says No, rakhi is worried that marriage cannot happen, she says you have to cancel your fight not your marriage, spend some time with each other. Karans see all of this and thinks to help them, he tells Rakhi he is hungry and she says ok i will get something.

Srsihti tells sameer i will never talk to you now as you don’t like. She says yes.

Prithvi scolds Sherlin, how dare you talk to me like that, i hate it, Sherlin kicks him between legs and says even i don’t like when someone tells me i am wrong.

Preeta calls Srishti and says janki is better now, she shared news with sameer and realises she is not talking to him, preeta tells janki till is not completely conscious, we have called doctor. Ssrishti is happy, Sameer says what has happened to you, sometime you are sad, other time you are happy, tell us what happened. Srsijti tells Karan about Janki and hugs him. Sameer is upset. Sameer offers to drop Srishti as it is auto rickshaw strike and she wants to rush home, but Karan says i will drop.

Sarla gets emotional seeing Janki trying to open her eyes, Janki says paani (water). Sarla tells her to get well soon and says i had blamed myself for you state. Rishab goes to get water.

Sherlin is standing in Preeta’s house hall, she is upset, Prithvi comes to her and says sorry, please let your angry, he says so much problems we have, i lost it. herlin says its OK, we should find out what is happening inside, what if Janki will reveal our truth to everyone. She says we should make a story so that everyone believes us, prithvi says preeta believes Rishab and Karan more than me, he says i think it is end of our plan, Sherlin prays to God. Prithvi sees Risbah and is shocked. Shefrin wonders if Rishabh overheard them? 

Rishab says i knew it, my heart was saying, he says i never thought you and sherlin.. prithvi and sherlin are tensed, Rishab says i knew you guys are same, you cannot see others in pain, i was also like this, he thanks prithvi that he gave company to Sherlin, prithvi and sherlin are happy, but rishab says Janki has opened her eyses, you can meet, prithvi says what, he says how will we meet all are there, he says she is fine, you can meet her, both are tensed, prithvi says janki will jump on us like a dog.

Srishti and Karan come to the house, srishti runs to the room and says she is so happy, srishti asks janki aunty to tell who had put fire in kumkum bhagya hall, she says who was it?  Karan says one minute, why you asking this question, preeta says we think Janki knows the culprit, Sarla is shocked, Janki points at someone. She gets up and tries to say something, she feels unconscious, Rishab gives water to her, janki asks who are they, Preeta is shocked, sarla says one minute, sarla says this is me janki and they are our daughters, preeta and srishti, janki says you have two daughters pragya and bulbul, sarla tries to make her remember, srishti says why are you saying this, you know about the fire incident, who was responsible. Janki says what fire, i don’t know anything, Janki suffers through memory loss, Prithvi and Sherlin are relieved.


Preeta tells Rishabh and Karan to stop doubting Prithvi, i am engaged to him now, your doubts will only create mess, my mother is happy and so am i, Karan says you will marry him for your mother’s sake, you don’t care about your life.


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