Kundali Bhagya 13 March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 13 March 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (13.03.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan hits the final ball which hits Prithvi badly on his face, he wins the match, prithvi shouts that my face is hurt because of karan. he creates a drama, sarla and all rush to her, Karan touches his face and asks if he is hurt and teases her, sherlin is upset seeing this.

Karan whispers Prithvi that you broke my bat, i broke your face, Rakhi tells to take Prithvi inside. Srishti says what karan sir, what you did to my never to be brother in law, they laugh. Preeta is attending Prithvi and give shim ice pack to put, Karan laughs and everyone stares at him, prithvi tells him can’t yous ee i am hurt, you hurt me and now you are laughing, karan says you were doing drama like women, prithvi blames, i know you did this purposely. Srishti is smiling, preeta doubts Karan. Karan takes prithvi case and says you think i am such a great batsman which good shot to hurt you. Risab comes and tells him that this things happen. Rakhi says i know you are hurt prithvi, but my son will never do this. Prithvi says i am sure, Karan has planned to hurt me purposely, he says i don’t want to listen to anything and leaves, preeta runs towards him, rishab suggests preeta to leave prithvi alone for some time as he is angry, Karan says you deserve it rascla (prithvi).

Sherlin tells Karan what you did to prithvi was not good, and instead of saying sorrym you are making fun, you should say sorry to him, Karans says why are you so worried about prithvi, what does he mean to you, how come you have a special bond with him, how are you disturbed seeing prithvi in pain, whose side are you, he asks what is your relation with prithvi, you are taking his side, shelrin is tensed, rishab comes there. Shelrin makes an excues and decides to leave, Karan stops her and asks her to give answer o his question, Rishab says what happened, karan asks why is she in pain to see Prithvi in pain, he tell Rishab that she came and scolded me to hurt prithvi, i should say sorry to prithvi. Rishab also asks her the same thing. Karan says why are you quiet, she says i am quiet as you think ao bad about me, that day in Mehendi function you made Prithvi fall and now you hurt him in the match. Sherlin says what is because of you prithvi breaks his relation with Preeta, sarl aunty will be tensed, i am worried about Luthra image as we will be balmed for it. Karan tells her that if prithvi breaks relation with Preeta for some problem between me and him, then it is good for preeta, he reminds her that she has not congratulate him for his win.

Rakhi along with sarla suggests Preeta to go and find Prithvi and clam him down and make him understand.

Srsihti and Karan are enjoying their victory and Srsihti is happy discussing how Karan ht the ball straight into prithvi’s face. They laugh, preeta overhears this, Karan is shocked to see her. Preeta is upset.

Karan goes behind her, preeta ignore him as she is looking for prithvi and wonders to look for a driver who can take her around to search prithvi. Karan offers to help her finding prithvi in his car, she is upset and says no, Karan says how will you find him alone, preeta agrees, they go to the car, Rakhi and sherlin are in parking, rakhi says why are you going out late, preeta says we are going to see Prithvi. Sherlin is upset to see preeta and karan together.

Kundali Bhagay 14 March 2018 Precap:

Preeta says if you didn’t hurt Prithvi intentionally then as a player also you are wrong to play irresponsibly. They argue. Kareena tells Rakhi that we mean more to you than these Aroras and sarla overhears this.


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