Kundali Bhagya 13 October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 13th October 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Update 13 October 2017 

Today’s (13.10.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta, Rishabh, Karan and Srishti are in the car. Karan is looking at Preeta as she is sitting in the front sit next to Sameer who is driving the car.

Sameer’s hand is touching Preeta as he shifts gears, Karan gets affected, he tells him to stop the car right now, he says i will drive the car, he comes in driver’s seat, Preeta says i had told you will not drive as your hand is injured. He still drives the car.

Kareena enters her room and is upset, Sherlin says where were you, i was looking around everywhere, Kareena says don’t y ownask, i have just met that Shrishti, Sherlin is also upset and says how come those two sisters can come back in the house so easily, how can you let it happen, i have ruined my own engagement to get rid of Preeta, and yet she is back in this house. Kareena says i have a headache, you can leave this room, your mind is not in its place, when it is then come back, now get out. Sherlin says so sorry, its just that i get mad seeing Preeta.

Srishti tells Sameer to sit properly, sameer asks Preeta ho does she handle her craziness, Srishti says she is my sister, she will be by my side. Karan is looking at Preeta while driving, she asks what are you looking at, he says i am wondering you will prefer what kind of guy. Preeta says i don’t know the guy i want to get married to, but i know the guy (she looks at him) and says i don’t want to marry definitely. They reach Preeta’s home, Karan says let me park the car and come. Preets tells Srishti why did she have to tell about the marriage proposal to the boys, now she wants to see the boys pictures first and not let the Karan have a look at them first. Karan overhears and says i will see the pics first. Preeta is furious.

Karan rings door bell and Dadi opens it, he flirts with dadi in his usual way. Preeta rushes to her room to see pics, Karan says where are you going honewali dulhan, Janki hears it and gets happy that Karan has said yes to marry Preeta. Karan feels awkard. Sarla comes out and handle the situation. Karan introduces Sameer as his brother. Sameer says we are like partners in crimes, Srishti says yes, you can think of crime only. Sarla offers them to have tea, Karan hints Sameer to go and see the pics, sameer makes an excuse and goes, Srishti goes behind him and they get into nok-jhok, she tells sarla that Sameer will now have tea, Sameer goes back, Karan asks sarla for boys pictures, sarla says its in preeta’s room, he says i will go and see.

Preeta is looking at the picture of a boy, Karan comes and says oh this guy he is Rohan, srishti asks how come you know he is Rohan, he says we used to call him laloo, actually choosa hua aam, srishti says what, he says yes, i had taken his girlfriend, he makes fun of him, Preeta says why are you saying all of this, are you jealous, he says  hello, i am not jealous, he has no. 37 mark on his face, once a girl had hit him as he is mawali kind of guy, when you go to meet him, make sure you have your sandals with you and chek out no. 37 mark on his face.

Kareen and Sherlin have argument and they question each others motive for getting Sherlin’s alliance with Rishabh. Kareena says i didn’t like Preeta and thought of you to be our status, hence i wanted this marriage, bu you were the first one to find out that Rishabh may have feelings for preeta, so why did you still get engaged to him, what is your hidden intention in all of this. 

Preeta says i think you are jealous that i am getting such nice marriage proposals. Karan denies, they get into their nok-jhok, Srishti says you guys continue, she reminds preeta son’t forget, tomorrow is karwachauth. preeta stares at her for telling this information to Karan. Karan says on ho, will you be keeping fast for that Rohan, i can’t believe you will look in channi and see that laloo. Preeta says you are not invited for this Karwachauth, he says i don’t need invitation.

Kundali Bhagya 16 october 2017 Precap:

Sherlin says i love you to someone on phone, Rishabh overhears and asks her if she i in love with someone else

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