Kundali Bhagya 18 May 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (18.05.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan is changing, preeta goes to him and asks where is her costume, he tells her are you mad, i was changing and you just come here, she says i have no interest in seeing you bare body, he says i know it well, she says what do you mean, he says nothing, Rishab comes and says he is not happy with his costume and wants gabbar costume, Sameer says i have already put Gabbar costume, Rishab still wants to wear another costume. Sameer says you can have this one as its very sweaty and smelly, Rishab says let it be.

Preeta says but where is my costume, Karan makes fun of her. Preeta says i don’t need Basanti costume, i can just go in and save my sister, Karan says why don’t you understand our plan, i will go as a dabbang cop inside and look for this (Rishab) diamond chor and distract Neel and his men, Sameer will then save sristsi in the mean time, Preeta says what will i do, he says you have to stand here, you cannot go inside, she asks why, Rishab says because we care for you, karan says Rishab stop being so good, i only have one reason for not letting her be a part of our plan as she will goof up and we will then have to save her and srishti. Preeta tells Karan, what you think i am a weak person, i don’t have to be a boy to be brave, she says i want to go inside, they argue, he calls her dumbo, she calls him donkey, Rishab says stop fighting, we will get caught. Preeta agrees on Rishab’s words to stay back but asks him to promise that he will bring sristi back all safe. Rishab explains the plan to sameer again. Preeta prays for srishti.

Srishti wonders who wants to get her killed, a goon offers her water, she yells at him, she instigates him to tell the name of the person who wants to kill her, the goon forcibly makes her drink water, she resists, the goon says no one will come to save you because of you attitude, that’s why you have no boyfriend, you are stubborn, srishti says i have a boyfriend, he asks name, the goon says it would be one sided love then, srishti think,s this guy is right, the goon says we would have killed you in a minute, but we have to wait, you have eaten all our heads, he again says you BF will break up with you soon as you are so irritating.

Karan makes an entry in salman khan style and says swagat nahin karoge humara (dabbang song plays), Neel and his men look at him. Neel asks who are you, a goon says you face is recognizable, but i can’t recollect, karan says i have come here to catch a big diamond thief, he says is very dangerous, but i will get hold of him. 

Neel asks which police station are you from, he says i am from centre police, he says now let me find the thief, Neel gets tensed and says you cannot search without a warrant. Karan shows the gun and says you will stop me, he tells salman’s dialogue, the goons along with srishti go to see whats wrong outside, srishti says i like Sameer 100% but he love me 0%, she thinks i show so much attitude to sameer without any reason, that why sameer never told him what he feels for me. she sees sameer though a window and thinks that she is already dreaming before her death. She closes her eyes and sees sameer and realizes that she is in love with Sameer and thinks that she should have known this truth before. She keeps looking at the window, the goon notices, he goes to check, sameer hides, srishti says you are very nice while looking at sameer, the goons turns to see who is she talking to, sameer hides and curses srishti to do thinks without thinking. he says stupid girl, she can’t remain silent for some time, srishti says i will die without telling my love to sameer.

Rakhi, sarla and mahesh get in a car to go to help Karan and Rishab. Srishti again sees sameer and smiles, she says i love you, sameer is shocked, the goon also is surprised, he says but i am married, the goon sees sameer and chases him, sameer hides, the goons in another direction, sarla tells mahesh to hurry up, Rakhi tells Mahesh to speed up the car, she says we would have reached faster, if would walk it out, she says stop the car and let me drive now.

Neel asks Karan, who is he, karan boats about him, Karan asks neel, now tell me where have you hidden that thief, Neel says who, he happen to look at Rishab (dressed as thief), rishab hints him not to say anything to the cop. Karan notices this and turns around to look for thief (rishab), Rishab goes to Neel and says i have diamonds worth crores, if you save me, i will give you half. Karan tuns back at Neel and asks him why are you smiling.

Kundali Bhagya 21 May 2018 Episode Precap:

Neel gives gun to thief (Rishab) and says now kill this cop and give me half of  the diamonds, Karan is shocked and Rishab is tensed too as he is pointing gun at his brother Karan. 

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