Kundali Bhagya 19 January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (19.01.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta tells Srishti to put her phone on charge in another room, Srishti argues with her to charge phone in same room using other plug point, she finally agrees to go out of room. But she turns and asks Preeta why is she behaving weird, Preeta pretends to be upset, srishti agrees to go out of room.

Sarla and Janki are discussing about paying bills outside, Janki informs Sarla about electric current issue in the house. Srishti goes towards that plug point and Sarla is worried that Srishti will get electric shock, she stops her and tells to use another plug point. Srihsti says stop trying to talk to me, and showing your concern, i don’t want to tak to you this time, she says let me show you, you were lying, she goes to the plug point and puts the charger, she gets current. Srishti shouts, Sarla yells at her that she never lsiten to her, she says mother talks for goood of the kids, sarla is tensed, preeta, dadi and janki wonder why Srishti is not talking, preeta says she will start crying now, srishti starts crying and saying how much current she got, sarla tries to pacify her, she tells her not to cry. Srishti complains why can’t you hug like other mothers do when kids are hurt, sarla hugs her, srishti says i had to ask you, no one loves me, sarla says everyone loves you, they patch up finally. everyone is happy.

Sarla asks Biji how can she get into all of this kids drama, Biji praises preeta for her idea to patch up things between sarla and srishti.

Sherlin and her mother are at Luthra house, her mother asks Sherlin why does she want to rush for marriage, Sherlin remembers Prithvi’s words that they have to use her mother for their plan. Sherlin tells her mother i don’t want to rush, her mother says i am sure, you are up to something.

Rakhi and Kareena come and they greet each other, she says i have come to meet Karan as she is out of problems how, Rakhi praises Preeta for helping Karan, Sherlin takes Prithvi’s name as he helped with CC TV footage, her mother gets upset with her, Dadi says yes, but preeta has helped a lot, we are happy she is my physiotherapist, Kareena stops her and says lets forget the past.

Sherlin’s mom proposes to pre pone the dates for marriage and sangeet, Kareena says let me talk to the pandit, Rakhi says how will we manage the arrangements so soon. She asks Sherlin’s why are you rushing for mehendi-sangeet, she says we should celebrate Karan coming back home, rakhi says, we can have the sangeet-mehendi later, today is lohri lets celebrate, Dadi says to invite Preeta and her family, rakhi calls Sarla and invites all of their family. Rakhis also tells them to get prithvi too, Sherlin’s mom is not happy with this, Sarla tells Preeta and everyone, Srala thinks to call prithvi.

Dadi is happy that this will be Rishab and Sherlin’s first Lohri while Sherlin is happy that Prithvi will come, Sherlin’s mother is upset thatPrithvi will come and hopes that Luhtra family does not find out about Prithvi and Sherlin’s past.

Sarla tells everyone to get ready soon as she does not want Prithvi to wait for them, she and janki get into argument, Srsihti is dressed in traditional punjabi pink suit and sarla is happy to see her, they priase to be looking like an actress, she tells srishti to check on preeta, sarla is tensed about getting late.

Srishti praises Preeta as she looks stunning in her punjabi suit, she says you are looking hot, she says looks like karan and Rishab will be shocked with you beauty, Preeta says stop it, don’t you know what Kareena says in such things, srihsti says Kareena is wrong, not you but Luthra boys have an eye on you, they get lost looking at you, preeta says when will you be out of your filmy world, she asks about a love story of a film and says i think it matches between you and karan, Preeta takes Srishti’s case and says yes, i have just realized, i think, karan and my love story is like Maine Pyaar Kiya, he is my salman khan and i am bhagyashree, i think we will get married like them, srishti is shocked. Preeta shys away, she says on no, i just remembered, my roka is done with prithvi, so no usch filmy love story for me, srishti says it will be too late for you to realize, but some day you will come to me for help.


Srishti says Karan always comes to help you and prithvi is always last and come at the last moment to take credit of everything, she is cursing prithvi and prithvi overhears and is upset.


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  • Mark Narain

    u won’t post it evil dishonesty over god and good prithvi and shrylin attempt murder set kum kum on fire nearly kill the maid and they never get caught FUCKING ASSHOLE WRITERS EVIL OVER GOOD JUST LIKE KHUM KHUM BAGHIA ALHIA ANND TANU MURDER FRAUD KIDNAM POOG ALL FORGOTTON THEN THEY START COMMITING MORE CRIMES AGAIN AGAIN FUCKING STUPID M>>>>F>>>ER

  • Mark Narain

    u won’t post it evil dishonesty over god and good prithvi and shrylin attempt murder set kum kum on fire nearly kill the maid and they never get caught FUCKING ASSHOLE WRITERS EVIL OVER GOOD JUST LIKE KHUM KHUM BAGHIA ALHIA ANND TANU MURDER FRAUD KIDNAM POOG ALL FORGOTON

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