Kundali Bhagya 19 March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2018 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Today’s (19.03.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts withKaran tells i was using your hand as pillow, she says  you can’t get everything that you wnat, he says i am Karan Luhtra, i can get what i want, preeta says in know, in reality you are scared, thats why you came close, he says i am never scared, they sleep with their backs.

Preeta thinks to do of something so that Karan gets badly scared, she says i have to do something.

Karan hears a scream and gets up. Preeta is sleeping close to him, windows band with the wind, bats are seen, he tries to wake up preeta as he is scared, Preeta says its windy outside, that why there is so much noise, karan i scared of the lightening outside, Preeta says its rainy season, what else will happen, she says i am very sleepy, you also go to sleep.

Karan again hears a scream, he again wakes up Preeta and asks her did she hear scary scream, Preeta says don’t tryo to scare me now, i won’t be, go to sleep, he says why am i only hearing all the screams.

Flashback is shown where executes her plan to scare Karan. She takes a red paint bottle and also finds a tape with a scary noise in it which she places below the table so Karan does not hear. FB ends.

Karan is scared while Preeta is sleeping. Preeta wakes up says you said nah girls need boys, she tells him about aatmas who are very scary, she says i am scary but you are fearless nah, she tell him to mind the window on his side, these could be a ghost. He iss sleeping, Preeta gets up quietly and puts a hay stack with blanket on it to show that she is sleeping.

Windows of Haveli again start to bang, he says preeta the windows are making too much noise, let me shut them, he goes towards the window.

He turns to see Preeta behind him, he laughs and says i am not scared, she is shocked but continues to aact as if she is haunted, he takes her name, preeta says oh your friend name is preeta, she says i am not acting, he tastes the paint on her face, she says how dare you, now i will taste your blood, she attacks him, he again laughs, but then he turns behind and thinks preeta is sleeping (unaware that it is hay stack under preeta’s blanket. He is shocked.

Prithvi comes back to farm house, sherlin hugs him and says sorry to sherlin for being rude to her as he wan angry then, Sherlin says lets’ make a scene, its time for you to become a hero now, he says i have though of all questions to take Preeta’s agniparisha, he says you see how i will takee their case today, he tells her to go and he would follow in some time.

Preeta points a knife on Karan, he asks her who are you, preeta takes a scary name, she says now tyou tell me what name should i call you by after your death, he calls for preeta, she says sit her, and dare you leave from here, she says so this girl preeta, my look alike fnally came to this haveli, now i will kill her and enter her body, two years i have been waiting for this, i knw on this amavasya night, this gril will come, i will kill her and i will be re-born,s he pretends to kill preeta in haystack, karan screams, preeta, preeta as ghost turns to karan, he runds away from her.

Rakhi and Sarla asks everyone to have dinner, srishti gives khunus to sameer, he wonders what has he done now, rakhi sees prithvi has come, she says prithvi has some, sarla now you should not be tensed, sarla says thank god prithvi you are back.

Prithvi says where is preeta, sarla says she should be with you, they say no, he says oh,, i know, you will not says, she must be in this farm house with that Karan.

Karan is running away from pretea, preeta as ghost says, i have kille dyou preeta, now i will kill you and become more strong and live longer, he hides, she says where are you hiding karan luha, he says how do you know my name, preeta is stunned, she says now i will ill you and then dance and enjoy, she holds him from behind and says how should i kill you, he says please fulfill my last wish, she asks what is it, he says i have seen you and fallen in love with you, preeta is surprised, he says i want to hug you and kiss you, preeta says what??? he gets closer to her, preeta runs away, he stops her by holding the blanket from behind, he gets closer to her and removes the white bedsheet  from around her slowly. episode ends.


Prithvi tells that Rishab that Karan and Preeta aways spend too much time together, Rishab warms him, prithvi says then tell me what are they doing together so late in the night. rishab says dare you pass any more comments on my brother.

Kundali Bhagya latest news – Preeta turns Monjulika, Prithvi to create drama


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