Kundali Bhagya 22nd December 2017 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 22 December 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Episode 

Today’s (22.12.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with everyone dance for Preeta and Karan’s dance. Prithvis says good, at least Janki has not recognised me till now.

Karan comes to Preeta, she yells at him for dancing angrily with her, her hands are paining now, he asks why did you call my girlfriends all together in my room, she says coz you deserve this, you are a cheater, she says i did di so you can respect woman, do you know me, i like them and respect them, what is wrong in meeting grils, she says those girls should have slapped you, beaten you, but they fought with each other, he asks you were there, she says yes, i saw they fought with each other bit they finally broke up with you, you had told me nah that i will never have a boyfreind, Karan says you made me break up with my girls, i have always had girlfriend sinece childhood, he says from now on anyone will ask me about girlfriends, i will take your name, she stops him and falls, he hold her in his arm and he says looking in her eyes, yes i will do this, he leaves, Preeta says i have to stop him.

Karan meets Rishab, Rishab asks him about the girl who was hiding behind the curtain, he asks Kara’s girlfrind name, Karan is tensed, Rishab calls Preeta and tells that Karan will tell his girlfriend’s name, Karan asks Preeta should i take the name, Preeta says no, Rishab asks Preeta do you know, she says no, karan says you wnat to know the name… he says preeta, Rishab is shocked and preeta too. He says preeta fernandes.. Rishab is relieved, he says you should have been clear, Preeta clarifies Rita Fernandes, Preeta leaves them alone and goes. Karan goes behind her. Rishab thinks i lost my heart when Karan said Preeta, but he told Rita.

Preeta shouts at Karan why did you say something like this in front of Rishab, someone would have heard, what would have happened, i am getting married, she keeps shouting, he tries to talk to her, she goes on, he says shut up, she is silent as he covers her mouth, he says i was wrong but you give me anger, i went too far, i respect you, i am sorry they are lost into each others eye. 

Preeta says i am sorry too for calling all the girls together and creating a mess, she says i should not have done it, Karan says you should feel like this every time, she says what, he says you should always feel sorry and hold your ears, she holds his ears and laugh.

Janki comes and sees them and asks is anything going on between you two, she says i have lost my memory, but it could be that you are in love and you have enemies , i can help you, preeta says there is nothing like that, Janki says, OH.. you are a very lovely couple, Karan says i have many girlfriends, he says i have to go and leave, Janki sees Preeta smiling by herself, Janki says Kran is you alsi hero, Preeta says i think you have got a big injury in your head, they smile.

Rishab takes Karam for cake cutting. Janksi asks rakhi for Kitchen,she gives her direction, Prithvi says this good opportunity to kill Janki.

Rishab tells everyone to come for cake cutting. Janki is alone in the passage, Prithvi follows her angrily, Sherlin sees him following Janki.

karan’s coach comes to the party, Rishab tells Karan to cut the cake now, Prithvi pushes Janki from the stairs, she shouts and falls down, Everyone is shocked as Janki is lying unconscious on the floor. Sarla, Preeta and everyone rush to her, Shelrin looks at her hoping she is dead now, Sarla says someone to get water, Prithvi says someone please say that she is dead, Janki regains her consciousness.

Preeta and Karan make Janki sit, Preeta asks where are you hurt tell me, Prithvi is hiding and seeing everything, Janki says i am alright, Janki says two incidents from the past about how preeta gets worried about her, Janki says yes, i am getting my memory back, Sherlin and Prithvi are tensed, sherlyn thinks to leave party soon what if Janki recognizes her, Prithvi also thinks to leave the party.

Prithvi is hiding from everyone, but Janki spots him and tells him to come to her.Karan says why is Janki stopping prithvi, may be she will reval dome truth about him, Sherlin mother also thinks the same and curses Prithvi, Srala asks why are you calling Prithvi, Janki walks up o Prithvi and says i have come to you so that i come close to you and recognize you, but i cannot remeber you, she says oh god, why can’t i remeber you and why i can’t remebr when you came to our house for Preeta’s marriage proposal and the roka ceremony, she is worried, preeta says don’t worry, slowly you will remember everything, Janki says Karan please cut the cake, i am sorry i had to stop your party, but please cut the cake now, i like it, she sees Sherlin. Sherlin is tesned that Janki recognizes him.


Karan and Preeta argue, karan says looking at you i think you have fallen in love with me.


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