Kundali Bhagya 25 August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya 25 August 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (25.08.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Rakhi was worried as she feels something is wrong with some of his child. Karan comes home and asks her to make a protein shake. Rakhi shares her worriedness. Karan tells her not to get worried, everyone is fine. He then asks her about preparations of Rishab’s wedding.
Shrishti comes to a vegetable vendor and bargains for vegetable. A lady customer whispers in Shrishti’s ear that there is a magnet in his balance. Shrishti takes the magnet off the balance, then asks him for some free tomatoes. She moves forward to see the girl being harassed by a street goon. Shrishti comes to save the girl (Roshni). The young man boasts himself to be the brother of a goon here. Shrishti kicks the back of the guy who fell over a crate of bottles. He was unable to stand up, Shrishti tells Roshni to call police in such matters the next time.
Preeta returns home and thinks about Deepak. She was upset and says her life had settled only a few days ago. She asks for a signal about the right path, shall she forgive him. He had broken the engagement for dowry only. She prays for some help.

Sarla comes to Preeta with Raghubir’s ring. She says she went to police station for Shrishti’s case, the shopkeeper returned the ring accepting his mistake. She knows what this means for them and leaves Preeta with it. Preeta thinks she wanted a signal and God sent this ring, this is what her Papa gave for Deepak. Does this mean she must accept Deepak’s proposal, and decides do accept it if this brings peace to her Papa. She cries missing Raghubir.

Rishab returns home distressed. Rakhi was excited and asks him to join Sherlin. Kareena says they have to fix the wedding date and asked for Sherlin’s birth chart as well. Rishab was serious and asks to speak to Rakhi. Karan comes there and hugs Rishab saying he is happy for him. Rishab was upset and tells them to stop this, he goes upstairs. Sameer considers it a business matter but Kritika thinks this isn’t only a business deal matter. She comes to Rishab in the room and says Rishab is never depressed for anything. She asks him to share what the matter is. She says she would send Preeta to speak to him otherwise. Rishab requests her to go away and locks his door. He thinks its Preeta which left him so tensed. Outside the room, Rakhi tells Kritika to leave Rishab alone for a while, he might be upset because of his business deal.
Kritika calls Preeta and sense Preeta sounds worried as well. She tells Preeta that Rishab is also hurt, he feels like a lost player. He isn’t talkative like Karan but today he is disturbingly silent. Preeta says she will speak to Rishab tomorrow and will surely share the matter with her. Shrishti comes from behind and tells Preeta how she confronted a goon today who was harassing a girl on street. Preeta keeps the call then asks Shrishti about the matter. Shrishti tells Preeta she saved a girl from the goon. Shrishti boasts about fighting the goon all alone. Preeta says she was thankful because atleast today she didn’t discuss about Sameer. She feared what if Shrishti fell in love with Sameer. Shrishti spits the sip of water and tells her not to discuss about Sameer. Preeta then forbids Shrishti to fight with any goon again, they are really egoistic and comes to revenge people.
Sarla opens the door, a goon Sanju stood outside with his guys. Sarla reminds his brother is in jail only because of her, now he must get away silently. Sanju asks Sarla to hand Shrishti to him, he knows she lives here. Sanju and his goons enter the house. Sanju tells Sarla he murdered at age of 16, was caught but released. No law can hold him back.
In the room, a lady comes to inform Preeta and Shrishti about Sanju.

Kundali Bhagya 26 August 2017 PRECAP

Sarla held Sanju by collar after having thrown red chilli into his eyes. She says she would never let her daughter endangered.


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