Kundali Bhagya 26 September 2017 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2017 Written Update , Kundali Bhagya 26 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (26.09.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Preeta tells karan what i have told you about Sherlin is true and please give me one chance to prove it. he cuts the calls, preeta is upset, Karan says he is fed up of Preeta’s stories and is making Sherlin guilty.

Karans says i only have to do something now, let me directly talk to Sherlin now and after that i will expose Preeta in front of everyone.

Sherlin enters Luhta house and is talking to Kareena. Karan says good sherlin is here, he says i have to talk to you Sherlin, kareena is happy that Karan is taking Sherlin’s support and bad sign for Preeta. Karan tells i have to talk to you in person. He says Preeta thinks you were responsible for food poisoning. Shelin says bloody Preeta, she is accusing me, She says may be Preeta thinks that i am jealous of her friendship with Rishabh. She tells Karan that Preeta can do anything to break my relationship as she has her eyes on Rishabh. She says Preeta wants to trap you. Karan recollects how Rishabh was praising preet for getting him ready for marriage and is wondering who to trust. Karan asks her how do you think that one of us will be trapped in Preeta’s love. She says Preeta acts to be simple and sweet, She asks her to avoid Preeta. She says i will go and meet your mother, he  taunts her about food poisoning.

Karan says Preeta said that yesterday she was looking for you (Sherlin) at your house but you were not there. Sherlin says i was here only with Rakhi aunty. karan thinks if Sherlin is lying he can always cross check if she was in Luthra Huuse.

Sherlin is tensed if Preeta was at my place and saw her with another guy, She thinks if Preeta would have found it then she would already told everyone, she says may be she saw nothing and has clue about her affair. She says let me have sweet talks with Rishabh and Rakhi aunty. After that i will teach that Preeta a lesson.

Karan think of Preeta telling him last night that Sherlin was with another man, he thinks Preeta is a liar as Sherlin was with his mother last night, he thinks i am a fool to trust Preeta.

Srishti thinks about Samer. Dadi come and tells her that the tea has already boiled and asks whose thoughts she is lost. She makes an excuse.

Karan goes to his mother room and asks her about her health. Rakhi says how her father was there for her entire night. She cross checks if Sherlin was there last night, Rakhi says no, Sherlin was not in the night but she only came for just two minutes and didn’t stay long. She says these days your generation have no time. Karan thinks may be mother was sleeping when Sherlin was here, so he thinks to check with his father who was with her mother entire night.

Dadi asks Preeta if last night she spoke to Sherlin. Preeta says m sorry i could not talk to anyone last night. Srishti asks what happened with Sherlin and did you confront her. Preeta thinks if she should tell Sherlin and put them into more owrry, Preeta says Sherlin was not at home, Preeta says lets focus of getting out mother from jail. dadi says lets take that plastic bag and go to police station.

Risbah thinks about preeta begging him to help her and reminding him to be a good friend to her. He is upset and sad. He thinks if i should talk to Preeta or not as he broke his promise. He calls her but Sherlin comes. He says preetaji and turns back to see Sherlin, Sherlin says i will not give you anytime to talk to Preeta. She says i will just become like Preeta and separate you two.

Preeta says there is no use of showing the packet as the police will not believe that Sherlin tries to ruin her engagement. She says even Karan didn’t believe her when she said that Sherlin is evil girl. Srishti asks you met Karaan? She says Karan had met her after she spoke badly to Rishabh at hospital. Preeta says we will appoint a big lawyer to save mother. Srishti worries about big fees of lawyer, Preeta says we will use money of the engagement and try to save hall later.

Sherlin pretends to be worried about Rakhi aunty. She says how she was spending time with his mother, Rishabh is thinking about preeta and calling her, Sherlin is upset he is again lost in Preeta’s thought.

Karan cross checks with his father and finds out that Preeta was never there at home last night. Karan says if Sherlin ws here then why no one saw her. Sherlin tells Rishabh that my mom wants to talk to him, She says let me call. She says this guy is so cold, how do i get his attentions, she does drama of falling from a rug, karan spots her drama and says Sherlin is such a nautanki baaz.


Karan says Preeta that you were right. Preeta is happy.

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