Kundali Bhagya 27 September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2017 Written Update, Kundali Bhagya Written Update 27 September 2017

Today’s (27.09.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Sherlin thanks Rishabh for stopping her from falling down. She addresses him as Rishabh ji, Rishab tells her that she doesn’t have to act like Preeta and says he will talk to her mother later, he leaves, Sherlin says once i will marry you then i will make you dance on my directions.

Karan reaches Preeta’s place, she opes the door and says YOU, She says why have you come, you want to talk about my status, but today i will not here anything. You think you can come and tell me anything, your mind is dirty, let me tell a boy and girl can be good friends, they don’t have to be in love, he tries to talk to her, but she goes on, she says your aukaat is bad, you will tell anything to me but when it is my turn to tell you, you leave in your car, let me tell you, she covers her mouth with his hands and she is against the wall looking at him, he says once you start you keep talking and are not ready to listen, i have come here to support you, Preeta is shocked.

Preeta says so you know that i am right, Karan says i don’t know that, i am doing this for my brother as i don’t want him to be with a wrong girl, She says so you agree that Sherlin is behind food poisoning, Karan says i don’t know that, i am not doing this for you, but you people seem not like evil guys who will do this, so i think we should free your mother, Preeta is very happy, he says lets go to poilce station. Her phone rings, Karan says leave the call come with me, Srishti goes to see Preeta’s phone and sees its Rishabh, Rishabh is sad that Preeta didni’t talk to him, Sherlin overhears this and wonders how come Preeta didn’t talk to Rishabh, Kareena says she is smart girl and is playing ignoring game to get more attention, she says but don’t worry, you are engaged to Rishabh and that is your strength. Once you marry Rishabh, we will teach her a lesson.

Karan and Preeta are outside Police station, Preeta thanks him for supporting her, he says i am not doing this for you, but for my brother, you think i am selfish, then i am, Preeta holds his hand and stops him, he says don’t have to be emotional.

Preeta meets her mother and tells her how she lost hope, but Karan came as their saviour. She tells Sarla that Sherlin is the culprit, Sarla is shocked.

Karan’s Dadi complains about pain in leg, Sherlin says Preeta is so unprofessional, she should have come for you, she has ruined my engagement, she speaks against Preeta and says how she didn’t take Rishabh’s call, Sherlin says we should get new physio for you, Dadi agrees after being brainwashed by Kareena and Sherlin.

Inspector refuses to release Sarla and gets into argument with Karan, saying this is not joke that you can revoke the case, Karan talks about his lawyer jagdeep, the big lawyer who has told him that Luthras can take back the case at anytime, especially when a innocent lady is being jailed, He calls his lawyer friend, the cop agrees to release Sarla after hearing Karan talking about calling press, Karan signs release papers.

Sarla tells preeta that Risbah had come to say sorry to her, Preeta feels bad that Rishabh couldnot help her because of his mother, Sarla says he is god man, why did you argue with him, the cop lady relases her out of jail, preeta is happry, Karan also smiles, Preeta says Sristi and Dadi will be so much happy, Karan says so much she is happy, Preeta says i am so happy maa, she hugs Sarla.

Sarla says Karan i don’t know how to thank you, Karan says i am sorry you had be jailed, Preeta says when no one helped, you helped us, he says you don’t have to thank me. Karans ays now let me take you home, everyone will be worried.


Dadi says i told Krana and Preeta’s pairing will be good, Karan and Preeta look at each other.

Preeta tells she has a story which Sherlin will believe, she tells Karan to tell everyone at home that she has blackmailed him.

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