Kundali Bhagya gossips – Karan gets blamed for the Roka fire incident

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In the ongoing track of Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya we have seen that Prithvi takes the advantage of Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) failing to prove that he has an affair with another woman.

Prithvi calls of his marriage with Preeta so that her family begs him to re-think his decision for marriage and they would never doubt him the future. Karan and Preeta go to Prithvi’s place and Karan apologizes to him. Prithvi is happy that his move has worked!!

Later, Prithvi comes to Preeta’s house and does emotional drama in front of Sarla and poor Sarla keeps asking him to forgive her. At the same time, Karan regrets that he apologised to Prithvi as he is sure that he is not the right guy for Preeta and there is something fishy about him.

Further, Rishab and Sherlin come to Preeta’s place as Rishab gets Janki’s medicines. Prithvi takes the opportunity against the Luthra brothers and tells Rishab that his brother is so different from him. He tells Rishabh how Karan tried to malign his image in front of Preeta’s family and blamed him of having an affair. Rishab says he will talk to Karan and doubts Karan’s intentions behind all of this mess. He recollects how Karan was not happy with Preeta’s marriage to another guy (flashback scene is shown).

Later, Prithvi and Shefrin get tensed when dadi inform everyone that Janki who is unconscious till now, has shown some movements. They get into an argument and blame each other for not killing Janki.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya, viewers will get to a see a major twist in the story ahead

Janki will come back to consciousness. Preeta and Srishti will ask her to tells who was the one responsible for the fire during Roka ceremony of Prithvi and Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlin get tensed with the fear of getting exposed. However, when Janki would point out at Prithvi, everyone would  misunderstand that she is pointing towards Karan. Karan will be shocked and everyone else too. 

Well, it looks like Karan will be blamed of not being happy that Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage. He is in love with Preeta and hence he wants to stop Prithvi and Preeta’s marriage.

It would be interesting to see if Preeta would support Karan or misunderstand him? 

Further viewers will have to gear up for lots of drama and twists in Rishab and Sherlin’s mehendi and sangeet ceremony.


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