Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Episode 24 April 2017 Kya Kasur Hai Amala Ka Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24th April 2017 Written Update , Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24.04.2017 Written Episode Update, Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 24.04.2017 episode starts with police lady talsk to Viren and Mando (Mandakini). She says girl’s bhabhi will be just like a mother and will think about her good.

Viren introduces himself as Malik’s lawyer and brother in law. Viren says whatever has happened is wrong and their family has to face troubles now. Mando says Amla was engaged to Dev but we didn’t know that Amla didn’t have another lover. She adds Abeer and Amla knew each other a little more than friend. Viren says Abeer and Amla liked each other. Viren says they want to marry, Mando says but Dev won’t let this happen as he is gone crazy.

Mando says Amla made us fool. She was engaged to Dev but was going around with Abeer as Dev used to be out on tours. 

Viren says Abeer loves Amla but his love went out of control. Mando says what out of control our image has been ruined. Viren says Abeer is scared and does not want to come out of house. He has agreed to marry Amla. 

Police lady says the girl has said another story. We have to handle paperwork. Get her here and let her says whatever she did happened with her consent.

Raghu tells Amla that Mando has gone to meet the police. She asks for Dev, if he came to meet her. he says i will bring you something to eat. She is sad that Dev didn’t come to meet him.

Poilce lady says the girl will have to come. Viren says if the boy and girl want to marry, then why case. Police lady says sternly, that this is rape case and not a joke. Mando says you know the law but this is love triangle. And we are telling you Dev will not let the marriage happen. Police lady asks does any one know about Abeer and Amla’s affair. Mando says yes, someone she might have shared. Viren hints her to find out someone who can come and speak about Abeer and Amala’s affair. Mando says i will go. Viren tries to settle case with poilce. She says in such cases, the girl’s (victim) statement is important and she will have to give the same.

Viraj’s father tells Abeer that he should take the deal. Suveer’s aunt tells Abeer that you are not only accepting your mistake but saving your friend’s life and future. And we are very thankful that you have done this sacrifice, Suveer’s uncle says what sacrifice, he has taken up the responsibility of his act.

Viren tries to convince police that Abeer has accepted his fault and what’s to marry the girl. And i want this to happen, it will save your time and efforts, Police says i am paid for wasting time for people but no one has tried to buy my time. Viren says i can figure it out. Police says you are a big lawyer in Mumbai and spending time on this case? i think you are trying to save someone else in this case. Viren says i am trying to save Amla and Abeer and their love story. Police lady says still Amla will have to come and give her statement

Suveer’s aunt and Evan’s mother Hema reveals that other boys have left for Mumbai. Abeer is shocked. Evan’s father says that they trusted you and hence they left. He says don’t worry about them. I have to think of you and our future. I have to save you from this case. He says you should know why you are doing this. You are the one who can close this chapter. Abeer leaves the room while looking at time with disappointment. Evan’s father says hema you shouldn’t have told him the boys have gone to Mumbai, what if he changes his mind.

Abeer’s Maso asks Guruji what do you think, will Abeer ever do this. I know he will not. and Malik family is taking advantage of his silence. They think his silence as his admit to mistake. She says the girl’s finace Dev wants to kill the culprits. Guruji asks what about the girl, how is she, why hasn’t she told the truth. Maso says she is very scared and in trauma. Her truth will reveal everything, but she should not be too late.

Dev goes to the place where Amla was raped and is shattered again. He yells out her name in pain. Amla calls Dev. Dev is about to take her call but he is hocked to see something. he finds Amla’s scarf. He smells it and remebers him giving to her.  

Dev cries saying that she wore this when this thing happened to her. Amla is crying on other side as Dev did not take her phone. She calls him again. Raghu comes with milk and food for her.

Dev’s father comes to the place and asks him we are tired of finding you, what are you doing. His friend says come lets go home. Dev says i want to meet Amla one time. His father says you want to go, then go, but answer your question. He says you want to meet her as your old Amla, but she is not. People say she has been raped. What will you answer that you married to a raped girl. Will you have kids with a girl who is raped. She is no more suitable to become our bahu (daughter in law)..woh kharaab ho gayee hai (she is spoiled)


Viren tells Amla to says that there was only one guy. Amla says no. Viren says if you say this, you will be able to save Dev from being a killer. Amla says why will Dev kill me. Amla is not at home. Mando is scared where she went. Dev is burning down the house he made for her and Amla for them to stay after the marriage.

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