Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19 May 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus serial  Love Ka Hai Intezaar Written Update 19th May 2017,  Love Ka Hai Intezar 19 May 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19 May 2017 written episode starts with withKamini tells Madhav that it is difficult for her to wait any longer. Madhav gives Kamini a ring saying it a family prestige and promises her that he will remove the ring from her finger the day he marries her and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Kamini wears the ring which has R on it.

Kamini is happy and says she is not scared anymore. Kamini’s father reads the newspaper and gets worried. Kamini is asleep and Madhav tries to wake her up by teasing her with a flower. Kamini and Madhav romance with each other. Kamini’s mother says that the news is false and Kamini can never be in love with such a person. Madhav is about to unfold the newspaper when Kamini notices the several missed calls from her assistant. Madhav puts the newspaper aside and tells Kamini not to let any calls interfere in their love.
Madhav tells Kamini that he has a surprise planned for her. Kamini’s mother tells her husband that Kamini is returning home tonight. Someone knocks on Madhav’s door and Kamini hides under the sheets. A young girl walks in and Madhav says she is Ali bhai’s daughter and will be with Kamini. Vijaylaxmi gets the maids to clean her hands saying there is a black shadow on her hands. Madhav takes Kamini in the car towards the market. Madhav puts a veil over Kamini’s head.

Madhav and Kamini walk through the market. Kamini sees Madhav talking to the village people about their problems. Kamini buys an anklet but the shopkeeper refuses to take the money. Kamini insists and give the money. Kamini wears the anklets on her feet and walks around in the market. Kamini looks at Madhav lovingly seeing him helping the village people so dedicatedly. Kamini’s veil flies away and the village people stare at her astonished. Kakasa comes to meet Vijaylaxmi and tells her that Raajmata has reached the palace. Kakasa says that Madhav has not reverted to the calls and he does not know about Raajmata’s arrival. Vijaylaxmi says that she wants Madhav to be absent on her arrival so that Raajmata gets angry with him.


Madhav tells Raajmata that he loves Kamini a lot. Raajmata asks if he is talking about actress Kamini. Raajmata says that he is meant to live in the royal land and not in the arms of an actress.

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