Mahakali 20 August 2017 Written Episode, Mahakaali Written Update

Colors Mahakaali 20th August 2017 Written Update, Mahakali 20 August 2017 Written Update

Today’s Mahakali 20 August 2017 episode starts with Parvati (Pooja B Sharma) telling Laxmi that she can never be a mother. Laxmi is surprised she asks how this can be when she herself is nature and nature can never be barren. She then goes on to reveal the story of her struggle to attain the love of Shiv (Saurabh Raj Jain). She says she went into deep meditation infront of Shiva who was himself meditating after he had lost Sati. She says she went on for years and someone who is revealed to be Narayan just used to give her water from time to time. Now Narayan was worried that Parvati being human might die of this hardship and so he with Indra decide to take help from Kaamdev. Kaamdev who can create love by his arrows is deep in a loving conversation with his wife Rathi. Rathi asks him to give her the boon the conceive his child and Kaamdev promises the same. Right then Indra brings Narayan’s message who asks Kaamdev to create love in Shiva’s heart for Parvati and save her life also become the reason for the union of Shiv and Shakti. Rathi is not confident with sending Kaamdev away and tries to stop him but he takes Narayan’s word as his command and goes to the cave where Shiv and Parvati sit in meditation.

Kaamdev shoots arrows of love to Shiva and this causes great quake in the cave. Shiv opens his eyes and tells Kaamdev that he is Mahadev and no desire can touch him without his own wish. He is angered that Kaamdev destroyed his meditation and he opens his third eye and Kaamdev is burnt. Soon Shiva sees Parvati and realises that Sati is back. Rathi walks in and realises what just happened she questions Narayan and Indra. She then takes out her anger on Parvati whom she takes to be a mere Human and curses her to never be able to conceive or give birth. Laxmi hears this but is confident that if Mahadev has taken the form of Batuk Bhairav and invoked the mother in Parvati then it is for some reason. Parvati intends to know this reason and walks out, she soon meets Narayan and Shiva who have been discussing the boon received by Tadkasur to be killed only by the son of Shiv and Parvati. Tadkasur who has presented himself to Shumbh -Nishumbh demands to know why he has been called. Shumbh tells him the entire story of their encounter with Mahakali.  Tadkasur is pleased and says now they have to aim at bringing the three devs to be their slave and Parvati to Shumbh.

Shiva tells Parvati the story of how Tadkasur was once his greatest bhakth and he almost killed himself in his aim to please Shiva. He then asked for a boon to never die unless killed by Shiva’s own son. Shiva tells him that he is not aware of what he is demanding and grants him the boon. Shiva tells Parvati it is time to give birth to their first son. Parvati is still confused as she says she was never supposed to be a mother, but Shiva reminds her that the curse was thus that she cannot give birth from her womb and not that she cannot be a mother. Tadkasur confidently tells Shumbh that Parvati can never be a mother and so no one can ever kill him. Shiva takes Parvati out and away from Kailash as Parvati asks him where they are off to. Shiva says love is the most powerful thing in the world yet can be easily distracted, so they need total isolation. He takes her to a cave where they prepare to give birth to their son. Shumbh and Nishumbh attack Nandi asking him where Shiv has run to. Soon Tadkasur realises his folly and understands that Shiv and Parvati have gone to give birth to his end.

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