Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 07 January 2017 MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein 07th January 2017 Written Update WU

Mere Angne Mein serial episode (07.01.2017) starts with Shanti Prasad calling out everyone. He asks did Shanti call yesterday. Raghav wakes up sleep.

Shanti Prasad says I will become devil now. Raghav asks how much will you threaten us, you are in good people’s house, don’t fall so much. Shanti Prasad says now I will now whats meaning to fall down. She asks Kaushalya which man does she like. Sarla says tell him, maybe he will leave us. Kaushalya says all of them look okay. Sarla asks her to choose one. Shanti Prasad asks did you take so much time when you married your husband. They get shocked.

Riya sees her and Shivam’s marriage pic and smiles. She imagines a beautiful moment. Shivam and Riya go out and spend time. Kabhi jo badal barse…..plays……… Her imagination ends. She says why do you love me so much, I will show attitude and show annoyance, I will tell I love you after long time. Shivam goes for medical test. Riya says I love you a lot, when you get hit in boxing, I get hurt, I pray you always stay fine, you always love me and our relation stays same. She fills sindoor in her maang.

Sarla says Kaushalya does not understand anything at once. Shanti Prasad threatens her. Sarla asks Kaushalya to choose one. Kaushalya says fine, that guy Tilu is fine. Sarla asks why are you asking this. Shanti Prasad says I wanted to see a marriage here, I heard marriages happen well here, Tilu congrats your marriage is happening here in this house. He laughs. Kaushalya asks whose marriage are you saying. She hides Nimmi. He says yours marriage with Tilu…. They all get shocked. Raghav goes back to room.



Shivam comes back. Riya says I was waiting for you. He hugs her and smiles. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, I know you are going to say I love you to me. She says no, I won’t. She gives him a rose and thanks him for everything. She hugs him and thanks. He says don’t judge so soon, there is a surprise. She asks what surprise, what do you want. He says I want you to always stay happy. She asks are you fine. He asks her to understand feelings. She asks him to explain feelings in detail. They hug and smile.

Kaushalya cries and asks what are you saying, I m married, this can’t happen. Shanti Prasad says Shanti went to find my son and did not give any news, if news about my son’s welfare comes, I will cancel marriage, else Tilu will marry you. Raghav comes with stick and beats them up, asking them to get lost. Shanti Prasad shoots in air and asks Raghav to stop it. He threatens them. Raghav says I have to call police now, its too much.

Shivam and Riya go out. She says if I get lost or if I die then…. Shivam stops her and asks her not to say about death, just talk about life. She describes a filmi scene. He asks do you want to sing song, where is romantic place. She asks him to make it romantic. He says if I could, I would have made you roam the world in 3 days and gave you happiness. She hugs him. They dance on Gerua song……They hug.

Goons tie Raghav to the pole. Everyone cry. Shanti takes disguise. 

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