Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 24 January 2017 MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein Written Update 24 January 2017 WU

Mere Angne Mein serial episode (24.01.2017) starts with Riya tells dadi she will save their family only if Dadi will give Jhoola (swing). She says i have anyways proved my worth to be the next heir.

Dadi is shocked and says i knew that this saw always your plan and i will not give you my jhoola. Riya says then you can take care of your problems and i will take care of mine.

Sarla is mysteriouly talking to someone on the phone that she will take care of the problem about being responsible for Riya’s mruder. An inspector comes there and she tries to convince him that she her family were never involved in Riya’s murder and her family was not in ton, She offers him a sweet box filled with money. The Inspector takes the money and leaves. pari sees all of this from and asks her mother what is all of this. She says my mother also does dram everyday.

Shanti thinks she will have to do emotional drama to convince Riya to save the family. She starts begging in front of Riya by folding her hands. Riya says you don’t have to do all of this drama just agree to make me your uttaradhikari (give all the powers of the house) Shanti thinks.

Pari calls Nimmi to check if police has come to Shanti sadan. Nimmi says you don’t have to worry. They have found out Riya and Shivam is getting Riya home. Pari is shocked and asks her why didn’t she inform her and Sarla. Nimmi says you are not so important and cuts the call.

Pari tells her mother that Shivam has found Riya. Sarla is shocked. Shivam and Nani are bringing her back in Shanti Sadan. Sarla says how can a dead person be alive. I will have to go and see. rani says i also want to join you and see drama that you and Pari enjoys. Sarla says no need and leaves with Pari.

The inspector is talking to someone that how can a dead person be alive. I will have to go and investigate that Shanti Sadan guys have got another lady as their bahu or not.

Babloo thinks that his father Amit is not doing good by fooling his Mama and says he will take revenge.

Nimmi is calling Shivam and Dadi as she is worried that the police will arrive anytime. Cops come and asks them to come to the court as Riya is not back yet. Nimmi protests.

Police start arresting Nimmi and others. Nimmi protests. The lady inspector is about to slap her but Nimmi stos her. Kaushalya requests to wait as Riya and Amma will soon come. The Police says that she can come in te court now. Nimmi stops the cops from taking them to court by holding a gun on her head and tells them she would shoot herself and all the blame of her suice would come on the police.

Preeti enjoys the drama from outside house and calls Srala to come fast

Nimmi tells Kaushalya to call Ammaji and check on them. She again blackmails the cops that she will kill herself if they don’t wait for Ammaji and Riya to come back. Nimmi gets stressed and agrees to take the blame of killing Riya and says that no one else is involved in this crime. She does this to save her parents. Everyone is shocked. She is about to shoot herslef, when Ammaji tells her stop.

Ammaji comes back with Riya and everyone is shocked and relieved. Ammaji tells the cops to see clearly that this is our Bahu Riya and she is very much alive. Riya says yes, inspector i am Shivam Srivastav’s wife and bahu of this house.

Cops says that you will have to prove this in the court. He releases everyone and Amma ji tells them to leave the house. She hugs Raghav. Preeti says that finally you found Riya and i knew that Riya was hiding somewhere.

Rfahav says i have to go to office. Riya joins her hands and says i am sorry to Raghav. Raghav says we were all stressed and you have saved us and we are thankful for that. He says but whatever you said about us earlier, we will be unable to forget that. She goes to Kaushalya but she too says that we will be unable to talk to you now. Ammaji says that ignore Riya’s drama, get me some tea as i want to sit and relax on my jhoola. She is shocked to see riya sitting on her jhoola and remembers her deal with Riya where she is n ow the owner of the house. Riya keeps looking at her.


Nimmi, Kaushalya and Preeti are shoicked when Ammaji agrees to Riya saying that she now can have the jhoola, house property and keys.



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