Meri Durga latest news – Durga gets drunk in Sanjay’s birthday party

Star Plus serial Meri Durga latest gossips and upcoming twists

Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Meri Durga serial in the upcoming episodes.

Sanjay makes Durga get drunk in her birthday party. Durga dances in the party and does big drama. SP feels she has drunk the wine and made fun of herself in front of all the guests, even her values are gone now. He asks her does she not want to scold him.

Durga stays cool. SP doesn’t want to leave any chance to trouble her. He tells her that she had got drunk in the party and created a scene. He reminds her how he ruined her self-respect and her parents couldn’t do anything. He vents out anger on her. He says you were so drunk that you don’t remember anything. He asks her to save her family respect if she can. He gives her a last chance to sign the divorce papers and accept her mistake of defaming his parents.

Sanjay’s plans fail. Durga is countering all his plans and giving him a defeat. She asks him to keep trying, but he can’t break her courage. She challenges him that she will stay with him and oppose him. She jokes that he got stuck by marrying her.

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