Meri Durga serial update – SP feels bad to hurt Durga

Star Plus Meri Durga latest news, Meri Durga upcoming story

Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Meri Durga in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Durga tells Sanjay that she knows his feelings, he really loves her. Sanjay denies that he loves her. She tells him that she knows he is hiding his love for revenge. She expresses her feelings for Sanjay. She tells him that she never cheated him. Sanjay puts her to rest. She gets peace in his company. She tells him that he means to her. She apologizes to him for everything that went wrong between them.

Sanjay feels bad to hurt her. They have a moment. She tells him that he will know her truth soon and then he will regret. Durga falls asleep. He thinks to believe her. Sanjay thinks of Gayatri’s suicide attempt. He falls in dilemma. He feels Durga has done wrong with his parents. He decides to just hate her, holding her responsible for everything that went against his family. Yashpal turns furious knowing SP has fed the wine to Durga and turned the party into a disaster. Yashpal reprimands Sanjay for pushing Durga towards destruction. He tells Sanjay that Durga is keeping all the marriage vows, she cares for him and she is the one protecting SP till now. He gets insulting Sanjay and his parents again. He feels proud of Durga.

Gayatri gets revengeful. She tries to break down Durga by limiting her food and rest time. She gives many tough exercises to Durga. Durga understands what Gayatri means to do. She asks Gayatri to train her as a good coach, else she will break her truth to everyone. Gayatri asks her to follow her training and not make excuses. She asks her to get passion like Jassi. She thinks Durga’s courage will break soon. She is sure that none can become a champion like Jassi. Durga tries her best to run and qualify. She faints down in middle of her practice.

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