Naagin 3 14 July 2018 Written Update Nagin 3 Written Episode

Colors Naagin 3 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Nagin 3 Written Update

Today’s Naagin 3 (14.07.2018) Naagin 3 episode starts with Jaamini reveals that she plans to sacrifice Bela because in her world if one sacrifices a Nagrani she becomes the queen of hell. Bela confronts Vishakha and tells her the truth about Yamini. Right then Maahir walks in on their conversation but before he can see Vish, she transforms into a snake and sneaks out, while Bela distracts him.

 Anu calls Kuhu and asks for help asking her to bring everyone to the Haveli. Kuhu asks RJ to accompany her to Haveli. Kuhu is able to get everyone to the venue.

Anu has installed cameras all over haveli. Bela is unable to call Vish. Bela sees Jamini crying and asks her the reason and she says she is missing her love. Jasmimi asks Bela to accompany her to a nearby temple where all wishes come true. Jaamini wants to ask Rehaan from God. But before they could head out for temple, Maahir asks Bela to come to Haveli. Jaamini asks Bela to promise her to come to the temple with her whenever she is free.

 Bela and Maahir talk about what love means to them, while they are getting ready for the fake muh dikhai organised by Anu.

While talking to the villagers, Sumitra learns that they didn’t organise the function. Bela overhears this conversation and suspects something bad. Vish also learns about the function and also suspects something wrong is happening.

Bela’s father also comes to the Haveli and assures her that he is okay.

Ajitabh and Anu observe the ceremony from afar. As part of the ceremony, Pratham is asked about one annoying habit that Suhani has which he funnily answers. Maahir is asked the same question and he says Bela has OCD. He also reveals that Bela snores. Bela says she doesn’t snore. After getting a little irritated she finds the humour in it.

The same question is asked to Suhani and Bela. Suhani says that she doesn’t like that Pratham doesn’t drink tea with her and only drinks milk. Bela says that Maahir is constantly on phone and that he only sleeps for three hours.

Suddenly, a group of snake charmers enters the or premises. At the same time, Vish also reaches there and cautions Bela. The snake charmers start playing the trumpet. Vish requests Bela to come in her true form and instead she will take her place. Vish says that she is more tolerant to the sound and can handle the situation. Bela’s father figures what is happening and goes to help her. He says that he will read a mantra that will increase her powers. Meanwhile, Ajitabh is getting irritated of Anu, and accuses her of having a rudimentary thinking.


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