Naamkaran 01 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 01st September 2017, Naamkaran 01 September 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (01.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni thinks that Juhi was such a nice person. Avni thinks Neil would have never liked her if Juhi was alive. Avni thinks that Neil does not like her and just wanted to change her. 

Avni goes near Neil and says that she should have been like Juhi. Neil wakes up from his sleep and says that he likes her the way she is. Neil says Juhi was his past and she is his present. Avni wants to see Juhi’s picture. Neil opens his wallet but says that he has moved on and does not want to live in his past. Neil tells Avni that they will go off to sleep. Neil wonders when Avni will admit her feelings for him.

Aman searches in Neela’s cupboard and gets the bundles of money. Bebe arranges for the Pooja. Avni and Shweta run into each other. Avni tries to ask Shweta about why she asked to keep the Ganesh Pooja but Shweta distracts her and sends her away. Avni tells Neela that she wants to know Shweta’s truth. Neela tells Bebe to give neg to Avni and Bebe asks Avni to get the gift. Neil sees the CCTV footage of his hospital where Avni tells Shweta that she is Neil’s wife.

Avni asks Neil to give the waist band which Bebe had given. Aman gives the money to Dayawanti. Aman informs her that Neil loved a woman named Juhi Dayawanti says that Riya already informed her. Guruma meets Dayawanti and thinks that she will get information about Neil from her grandson Aman and therefore she will have to keep Dayawanti in her hands. Neil tells Avni that he will make her wear the waist band if she tells him what she feels about him. Neil approaches Avni romantically with the waist band. Dayawanti dresses in normal clothes and sits for dinner along with Guruma. Dayawanti refuses to be treated like a prisoner anymore. Neil gets romantic with Avni and gives her the waist band. Dayawanti asks Guruma to wash her hands. Dayawanti asks Guruma to free Juhi so she can meet Avni. Guruma says that Neil is after her life. Dayawanti says that Juhi will help her to reach Neil. Dayawanti says that Avni is Neil’s strength and without Avni he is very weak. Daya tells Guruma to bring Avni to her rang mahal. Daya says that Avni is illegitimate and therefore Guruma should put her in rang mahal. Daya says that Neil will go crazy searching for Avni. Avni wears the waist band. Neil’s family does the Pooja. Avni comes there. DD asks the policeman to get the sketch of culprit soon. Panditji calls Avni for the Aarti but Avni says she is waiting for Ali. DD calls Avni and tells her that he will get the sketch to her soon. Avni prays to lord to save Juhi. Riya arrives there. Shweta looks at her evilly. Daya tells Guruma that Neil is very sharp and Guruma says that she has trained her people very well. Daya says that Neil’s house is surrounded by CCTV cameras and only she knows about them. Daya tells the goon how to enter the house and tells him to kidnap Avni using the poison.


Ali dashes into the goon who is disguised. Goon puts the poison in the jalebis. Neil’s family members eat the jalebis and fall unconscious.

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