Naamkaran 02 October 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 02nd October 2017, Namkaran 02 October 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s (02.10.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni tells Juhi and the other girls that they have to save themselves and burn down this Lanka. The other goons come and Avni and the other girls start beating them up. Avni tells Juhi to wait here and they will save all the girls.

Avni tells a girl not to kill herself and she will save her. Dayawanti tells Guruma that she wants to make her enemy suffer. Amol calls Dayawanti and she picks his call and scolds him. Amol tells Dayawanti everything about how he got caught by Neela and Neil. Neela tells Prakash that Amol has escaped and she cannot wait any longer and she will go to save Avni.  Prakash says that he will take help of police. Guruma is furious as police enters Rang Mahal.

Guruma think that everything is happening because of Avni and thinks to destroy her. Avni tries to escape with the other girls and Avni says she will rescue Ali. Neil enters Rang Mahal. Avni covers herself with shawl and walks through Rang mahal. Avni walks around and Neil to is close by but they don’t see each other.  Avni thinks that Ali must be in the basement. All the girls enter inside the truck. Avni looks for the way to the basement.

Juhi gets caught by Guruma. Guruma pulls her hair and asks her whether she was trying to run away. Guruma asks Juhi where is Neil. Juhi is shocked to know that Neil has come there. Guruma threatens Juhi that she will destroy her face and asks her to reveal where is Neil and Avni. Juhi tells Guruma she is not scared of her anymore. Juhi says that Avni had faith that Neil would come to save them and Neil has finally come. Juhi and the other girls chant ‘Ganpati Bappa Maurya’. Neil and Avni come face to face and have a romantic and emotional eye-lock. Avni hugs Neil. Avni tells Neil that she knew he would not leave her alone. Avni gets hurt on her foot. Neil bends down and removes sharp object from Avni’s foot. Neil promises Avni that he will never separate from her. Avni tells Neil that the girls are in the truck and they have to rescue Ali too. DD and Ali arrive there. Avni is happy to see Ali. Ali tells Avni that he salutes her and Neil’s relationship. Neil, Avni and Ali reach the truck but none of the girls are there. They hear Guruma’s announcement as she tells Neil to come and meet her and threatens to kill Juhi. Avni and Neil see Guruma holding a gun to Juhi’s head. The other girls are also made captives by Guruma’s goons. Guruma tells Neil that he is very lucky seeing that his past and present love want to save each other. Neil tells Guruma to leave the girls. Guruma says she will not leave the girls and says she only wants Avni. Neil’s team comes there and surrounds Guruma’s goons. Neil tells Guruma and the goons to surrender their weapons. Neil tells Guruma that her game is over. Dayawanti comes there and says game is not over yet. Avni gets angry seeing her. Dayawanti says that Avni tried to jail her but she escaped. Dayawanti tells Neil that he can either save Avni or Juhi. Dayawanti tells Neil that he can save all the girls in exchange of Avni.

Naamkaran 03rd October 2017 Precap:

Amol hits Neil with a rod. Avni keeps a gun of Dayawanti’s head. Amol asks Avni to leave Dayawanti or he will shoot Neil.


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