Naamkaran 04 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 04th September 2017, Naamkaran 04 September 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s (04.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni, Neil and rest of the family do the Ganesh Pooja. Shweta looks at Avni in anger. Avni thinks that Neil is still in pain about Juhi’s death. The policeman gives DD the sketch.

The sketch catches fire from the Aarti thali. Neil and Avni together do the Aarti. The goon enters into the house and is about to add poison in the ladoos but Kareena takes away the plate. The goon dashes into Ali and adds the poison in the box full of jalebis which Ali has got. DD wonders whom is Ali talking to. Avni has got a burn mark on her palm and Shweta comes to confront her. Avni asks Shweta why she hates her so much.

Shweta puts the ointment on Avni’s palm. Avni says that her and Neil’s pain is same and Shweta should not try to come in the way. Shweta tells Avni that Neil has not forgotten Juhi. Ali gives the jalebis to Avni saying that he got them made specially. Avni takes some jalebis to her room and she sees a calendar which has cross marks on it and thinks that Neil has done this. Avni eats the jalebis and is confused what to do about Neil and Shweta.

DD thinks Avni will be angry knowing that the sketch got ruined. Shweta asks Neil why he is angry with her. Shweta says that she knows he still loves Juhi. Shweta says that Avni is not right for him. Neil tells Shweta that she separated his father from his family whereas Avni wants Neil to live together with his family. Neil alleges that Shweta wants to break their family. Shweta cries. Ali gives jalebis to everyone. DD gets a call informing him that the CCTV footage of Neill’s blast day has come. Riya comes there and tells Amol that she wants to see Avni getting kidnapped. Bebe spots the two of them talking. Neil enters the room and Avni seems out of control and calls Neil as tillu. Bebe also gets unconscious and Amol asks Riya to take her to the room. Avni shows Neil the calendar and seems intoxicated. Avni puts her head on Neil’s shoulder. Ali sees that everyone is unconscious and asks Riya what happened. Riya rudely says she does not know. Riya thinks to check on Neil and Avni. Avni tells Neil that she does not like him staring at her. Neil asks Avni whether she likes him and Avni says that she is confused. Avni blabbers and says that she is totally confused. Avni says she is not used to anyone staring at her as she never had a boyfriend. Neil asks Avni what did she eat. Avni says that Ali had got jalebis which she ate. Neil handles Avni who is completely inebriated and puts her on the bed. Riya goes towards Neil’s room. Amol tells the goon that Avni is wearing a pink dress. Amol distracts Ali and tells him that everyone is unconscious. The goon takes away someone in a gunny bag. Neil sees that all family members are unconscious. Neil remembers Ali getting jalebis. The goon puts the gunny bag in the car. The goon gets the body to the prison but it turns out to be Riya instead of Avni. Avni tries to wake up Avni. Avni asks Neil why he left her and asks him never to leave her again. Neil holds Avni and takes her to the bed. Ali fumes seeing Neil and Avni.

Naamkaran 05 September 2017 Precap

Dayawanti tells Guruma that her goon is useless. Neil calls up DD and tells him that he has got a lead. Avni looks at Neil suspiciously.

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