Naamkaran 05 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 05th September 2017 Written Update, Naamkaran 05 September 2017 Full Episode Written Update

Today’s (05.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Dayawanti is shocked to see that the goon has kidnapped Riya instead of Avni. Flashback shows that the goon mistook Riya to be Avni and kidnapped her. Dayawanti tells Guruma that her goon is a fool. 

Then goon says that he will do something soon and but realizes that his cell phone has fallen while doing the kidnap. Neil tells DD that they once again missed the opportunity to catch the culprit. Neil says that Pandit is behind this incident and he wonders how the culprit entered the house despite of so many CCTV cameras around. Neil wants to see the CCTV footage. Neil is near the goon’s phone but does not see it. Neil recalls that Avni told him that Ali gave the jalebis. 

Amol comes to search for the Goon’s phone. Doctor tells Neil and Ali that the effect of the poison will end soon and everyone will wake up. Ali goes from there. Neil enters the room while Amol is there but Amol starts doing drama. Ali tells Nanno about the incident and Nanno asks Ali why he did not wait there. Ali says that he is just Avni’s friend and Neil is her husband and will handle the situation. DD says that he saw Ali talking to someone near the backdoor where there is no CCTV camera.

Neil thinks to talk to Ali but his phone is unreachable. DD wonders what was the motive of the culprit to make everyone unconscious. Amol thinks to find the goon’s phone at any cost. At night, Neil gets up from bed but Avni asks him not to leave her. Avni says in her sleep that she cares for Neil a lot. Neil thinks when will Avni say these words in consciousness. Bebe wakes up and wonders how she fell asleep. Shweta also wakes up and is in a daze. Neela also wakes up dazed. Amol thinks that Neil should not find the phone. Avni also wakes up but feels dizzy. Avni hurts her head and Neil handles her. Neil jokes with Avni and asks her why she drinks so much alcohol. Avni says she does not drink alcohol. Neil says he is joking. Avni finds the goon’s phone and asks Neil whose phone is it. Guruma tells Dayawanti to make sure Neil does not find her goon’s phone. Dayawanti asks Guruma to talk to her with respect. Neil wonders whose phone it is and tells DD about it. Neil asks DD to find the details of the phone. Dayawanti says that they cannot take the phone away as Neil will find out that someone from the house is involved with the culprit. Avni offers fruits to Neil but he is busy on the call. Avni handcuffs Neil’s hand to the bed and says that he does not care for his health and is only involved in his duty. Avni takes away Neil’s keys too. Avni falls next to Neil and shares an eye lock with Neil. Neil says that he wants her to feed the fruits. Neela and Bebe reach there and Neil and Avni get embarrassed. Bebe and Neela joke with Neil and Avni and tease them. Neela and Bebe leave and Neil insists Avni to feed him the fruits. Neil and Avni share romantic moments and Neil pulls Avni to himself saying that he will always stare at her. Nanno tells Avni that Ali has gone to the café and also says that he is acting strange. Neil charges the goon’s phone. Riya returns home in a disheveled condition and family takes care of her. The doctor checks Riya and gives her medicines. Riya regains consciousness and says that someone kidnapped her yesterday. Riya describes the man who had kidnapped her. Riya says that the kidnapper wanted to kidnap Avni but kidnapped her instead. Neil asks DD to get the mobile phone which they found and he calls on a number stored as boss. Ali answers the phone and everyone gets shocked while Aman smirks.

Naamkaran Precap:

Neil tells Avni that he is not doubting Ali but he has to do his duty. Dayawanti Mehta meets Ali and gets him kidnapped.


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