Naamkaran 06 October 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 06th October 2017 Written Update, Namkaran 06 October 2017 Written Update

Today’s (06.10.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Amol pushes Dayawanti in the kerosene and tells her that she should have killed him when he was born. Amol says that he wants to kill her but Neil asks him not to make this mistake. Amol start the fire around Dayawanti and finally Dayawanti burns up in flames.

Amol, Neil and Avni run out as Rang Mahal burns up in flames. Avni says that she finally fulfilled the promise she had made to Aisha. Avni says that Amol has become Aman forever.  The police comes there and Amol gets arrested for killing Dayawanti. Neela and Fatima arrive there and they hug Avni. Amol says that Amol died along with Dayawanti and only Aman is left now. Amol hugs Avni and he gets taken away by the police. Juhi is asleep and Bebe, Shweta and Prakash look at her.

Bebe wonders where is Neil and Avni. Bebe says she never expected Amol to be evil. Bebe warns Prakash that Shweta should not do anything against Avni now. The nurse arrives and starts treating Avni’s injuries. Neil starts cleaning Avni’s wound and Avni gets hurt. Neil scolds Avni as she wanted to die and he was dying every second as she was putting her life in danger. Avni asks Neil not to misunderstand her as she was hurt seeing Dayawanti and Amol’s evilness.

Avni asks Neil about their future as Juhi has returned. Neil asks Avni to keep quite as he does not want to think about the past and just wants to live in the present. Doctor tells Prakash and Shweta that Juhi will need a councilor to come out of her trauma. Bebe says that it will not be right for Juhi to live here. Shweta also says that Juhi cannot live there as Neil is married to Avni and loves her a lot. Neil takes care of Avni’s wounds. Neil says that their present is perfect and he does not want to think about their past. Amol comes there and asks Avni not to think of helping him as he wants to get this punishment. Amol says that he made a mistake by not recognizing her and Neela’s love. Neela also forgives Amol. Neela tells Amol that life has given him another chance to change. Neil is informed that DGP has got arrested who was helping out Guruma and Dayawanti. The commissioner cancels Neil’s suspension order. Fatima treats Ali’s wounds. Ali asks Neela if she is fine. Neela is worried for Neil and Avni. Ali says that Neil will never let Avni go away from him.  Ali says that Avni too loves Neil. Ali says that he has seen love in the eyes of Avni for Neil. Ali says that he lost his track because of Shweta but will not repeat his mistake. Neela gets a call from Shweta. Shweta calls Neela and tells her she wants to meet her. Neela says she will meet her next morning at a café. Bebe calls Neil and asks for his wellbeing. Neela calls Neil and asks her and Avni to come to Aisha’s house. Bebe tells Prakash that they cannot keep Juhi with them as they have to think about Neil and Avni. Neil and Avni enter Aisha’s house and it is dark. The lights come on and the whole house is decorated. Ali comes there dancing and the music starts. Neela also starts dancing. DD also dances around Avni and Neil. Avni’s friends also enter there dancing.

Naamkaran 07 October 2017 Precap:

Avni is on Aisha’ grave and hopes she was alive. Neil consoles Avni saying Aisha will always be there with her.

Naamkaran actress Aditi Rathore announces her breakup with boyfriend

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