Naamkaran 06 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 06th September 2017, Naamkaran 06 September 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s Naamkaran 06 September 2017 written episode starts with Avni and rest of the family is shocked to hear Ali’s voice on the phone. Flashback shows that Amol put Ali’s sim card in Balu’s phone. Neil tries calling Ali but he does not take the call.

Avni says that Ali can never do such a thing. Shweta taunts Avni for supporting Ali. Bebe scolds Shweta. Shweta says that Ali is the culprit. Nanno says that Ali cannot be the culprit. Shweta says that Ali might be responsible for the Janmashtami blast. Prakash says they cannot doubt Ali without proof. Riya says that Shweta is not wrong and reminds Avni about what happened in the hospital. Neil says that the police will do their duty and no one should try to contact Ali.

Neil tells Avni that he is not doubting Ali but he has to do his duty. Nanno ask Neil not to doubt Ali. Neil says that Ali is his good friend but he has to do his duty. Ali tries to make a call but no calls go through. Dayawanti has the phone with Ali’s sim card. Amol calls Dayawanti and tells her that Neil is reaching to meet Ali. Dayawanti says she will handle the situation. Neil asks DD whether he has some doubts in his mind.

DD says that he saw Ali talking to a stranger and he had a box of jalebis in his hand. DD says that man was an unknown guy. DD shows Neil the footage of the man. DD says that Ali fed jalebis to everyone but he did not eat it.  Avni comes there and asks DD if he is doubting Ali. Neil tells Avni that they are not doubting him but they have to talk to Ali once. Nanno wants to talk to Ali but Prakash says that Neil has not allowed it. Riya says that Ali always wanted to remove Neil from his path so that Avni would become his. Riya says that Ali was not there during the Janmashtami blast and he was also not there when Neil was attacked in hospital. Avni comes there and tells Riya that she too could be the culprit. Shweta asks Avni not to doubt Riya. Avni says that Riya may want to seek her revenge and therefore she has done all this. Riya tells Avni how she can blame her for such a heinous crime. Avni says that Ali will be proven innocent and Neil will find the real culprit. Avni tells Nanno that she is going to police station and everything will be alright. Ali struggles with his phone. Dayawanti suddenly comes there with her goons. Dayawanti tells Ali he has to suffer as he is Avni’s friend. The goons kidnap Ali. Amol tells Daya to quickly move as police is reaching there. Ali is kidnapped and Neil and DD reach there. Neil and DD see the evidence and assume that Ali must have run away after seeing them coming. Neil orders to circulate Ali’s photos. Avni asks Neil why is he treating Ali as a criminal. DD says that all evidences are against Ali. Neil tries to calm down Avni and warns her against trying to contact Ali. Neil asks DD to drop Ali at home. Ali is brought to Jaguda brothel. Juhi sees Ali and remembers seeing him in the past. Ali also remembers seeing the girl and thinks he is in big trouble. Balu asks other goon to fix a camera. DD drops Avni home but she is very upset. A sharp shooter is targeting Avni. Amol meets Avni and hugs her. Amol signals the sharp shooter. Amol tricks Avni with his words. Ali is shown footage of Avni being targeted by the sharp shooter. Dayawanti tells Ali that Avni can die any moment. Ali is shocked to see that Amol is involved with her. Dayawanti asks Ali to follow her orders or she will get Avni shot. Ali says he is ready to do anything.


Neil gives Avni an envelope which has a pen drive. Riya tampers with the footage in the pen drive. Neil and Avni view the footage and they see Ali. Avni is shocked and says that footage has been tampered. Avni asks Neil whether he thinks she is helping Ali and Neil asks Avni whether this is her confession.

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