Naamkaran 07 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 07th September 2017 Written Update, Namkaran 07 September 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (07.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Juhi hears Ali struggling in the room but the goon stops her. Dayawanti calls up Amol. Nanno tells Neela that Ali is not a coward and he would never run away like this. Avni wonders where Ali is.

Riya tells Avni that Ali is the culprit and has therefore run away. Shweta taunts Avni for supporting Ali. The goon is about to slap Juhi but Guruma stops him. Guruma shows Juhi a woman with a whip and Guruma threatens to hit Juhi for her mistakes. Neela tells Shweta that Ali never had bad intentions and he will never harm Avni and Neil. Neela says that Avni always supports what is right. Bebe also says that Neil will bring out the truth.

Guruma whacks Balu with the whip for letting out Juhi. Juhi says that she heard someone crying so she stopped near the door.  Dayawanti comes there and Guruma tells Juhi/Meher to take her blessing. Dayawanti asks Juhi to stay away saying that she will become unclean. Guruma tells Juhi that her share of food will be given to Ali as her punishment. Neil tells DD that he is going home to talk to Nanno and Neela to get information on Ali.

Amol sees the hospital footage and begins to tamper it. The policeman comes to Neil’s house and gives the footage to Avni. Avni thinks to open the footage packet after Neil comes home. Riya takes the packet and steals the pen drive having the footage. Riya hides the footage amid the Pooja flowers. Juhi brings food for Ali. Juhi says his hands are tied so the goon says that he will feed him. Juhi slyly pushes a piece of glass towards Ali. Ali tells Nanno that he needs her help to find out the truth. Avni informs Neil that someone has spotted Ali near Goa highway. Bebe asks Neil to join the Aarti before going but Neil says he is getting late. The Aarti begins and Avni prays to Ganpati to help her find Ali. Neil asks Avni where is the footage and Avni says she has kept on the table. Avni and Neil together search for the footage but cannot find it. Ali struggles to free himself and finally becomes free. Neil and Avni do the aarti and the Pooja flowers suddenly fly away and Neil sees the footage pen drive hidden amid the flowers. Neil and the rest of the family see the footage and see Ali. Avni says that Ali can never do such a thing and the footage has been tampered. Ali manages to open the latch of the door to escape. Nanno also says that Ali cannot be the culprit. Shweta alleges that Ali is the culprit and Avni is saving him. Ali is determined to save Avni. Avni asks Neil whether he thinks that she had hid the pen drive and whether she is helping Ali. Neil asks Avni whether this is her confession. Avni tells Neil that he has already made Ali a culprit.


Avni sees Ali’s video message where he confesses to her that he loves her a lot and he did the Janmashtami bomb blast and also tried to kill Neil

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