Naamkaran 08 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 08th September 2017 Written Update, Naamkaran 08 September 2017 Full Episode Written Update

Today’s (08.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Neil tells Avni that she is still a thief and Avni feels bad. Avni asks Neil whether he thinks that she hid the pen drive and says that Shweta too may have done it as she wants to remove her from his life.

Avni says that she feels a lot of pain. Neil grabs Avni and says he cannot understand her. Neil warns Avni not to be involved in this case at all. Avni says that she only wants to prove her friend Ali innocent. Shweta taunts Avni in front of everyone. Avni asks Shweta to stop it and says that she does not believe this footage. Avni receives a video message from Ali where he confesses that he loves her a lot and he did the Janmashtami bomb blast and also tried to kill Neil.

Ali also says that he wanted to kidnap her but kidnapped Riya instead. Ali asks Avni not to try to find him. Ali tries to escape from the brothel. Avni gets dizzy seeing the video and Neil handles her. Amol smirks looking at this and says that Dayawanti’s plan has worked. Shweta tells Neil to get Ali jailed at any cost. Neela tries to intervene but Shweta shuts her up. Balu catches Ali before he can leave. Avni leaves and enters an auto.

Neil sends message to Avni and asks her to talk to him once. Shweta tells Neil that he should believe Ali wants to kill him but Neil says he does not believe it. Juhi tells Balu that she knew Ali was going to leave. Balu thanks Juhi for giving them the information. Ali scolds Juhi for trapping him. Ali wonders why Juhi trapped him after helping him. Neil thinks that Ali cannot try to kill him. Neil feels that someone has forced Ali to give such a statement. Balu congratulates Juhi for helping them and tells her to meet Guruma in the prison soon. Avni reaches Ali’s cafeteria and looks at their childhood pictures and cries. Some men tell Avni that they have information on Ali. Neil looks at the footage of Ali. The man tells Avni that a suspicious man took a car on rent from his friend the day Ali got kidnapped. Avni says she has to find the car. The man tells Avni to take help from Neil to trace the car.  Avni is in dilemma as she cannot take help from Neil. Neil calls up Avni and she is hesitant to take his call. Avni calls back Neil and tells him she needs his help and she is at Ali’s café. Amol calls Dayawanti and she tells him that Ali will help them to trap Avni. Amol tells Dayawanti that he has found Neil and Avni’s divorce papers and she gets very happy and tells him a plan. Neil meets Avni and Avni tells him that she has found out about the car in which Ali has got kidnapped. Avni says that everything which has happened in the past is interlinked. Neil tells her that they cannot reach conclusion without proofs. Neil calls DD and asks him to trace a car. Guruma praises Juhi for helping to catch Ali. Guruma asks Juhi how come she has changed so much and whether she is playing a trick. Juhi refuses. Guruma warns Juhi never to betray her. Avni cries looking at her and Ali’s pictures. Neil tells Avni that they have found the location of the car. Avni says that she will come along with him as Ali is her friend. Neil scolds Avni and says he cannot put her life in danger. Neil puts handcuffs on Avni and binds her to a pole. Avni gets angry and Neil tells him he is doing the right thing. Avni tells Neil that when he stares at her she thinks he does to trust her and she feels that he still thinks of her as a thief. Avni tells Neil that he is a cop more than her husband. Neil fumes and leaves.


Avni frees herself and leaves. DD cannot find Avni in the café and informs Neil about it. Neil scolds DD and wonders whether Avni has got kidnapped. 

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