Naamkaran 10 October 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 10th October 2017 Written Update, Namkaran Written Update

Today’s (10.10.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni looks at Neil and her picture. Juhi tells Neil that she needs his help. Juhi falls to Neil’s feet begging him for help. Neil promises Juhi that he will help her. Shweta comes looking for Neil to his room and asks Avni about him.

Avni says that Neil has gone to the guest house to talk to Juhi. Avni says that she didn’t think it was appropriate for her to go as Neil and Juhi had to talk about something. Avni says that Juhi and Neil may want to talk about the past 5 years. Shweta says that Neil spent the past five years in remorse and she would console him. Shweta says that one day Neil came out of his remorse and became a policeman to give justice for Juhi.

Shweta says that Neil became a policeman just to help Juhi. Shweta says that Neil came across a case 123 of Ananya Verma and Neil got completely involved in this case. Shweta says that Neil used to smile reading the case file. Shweta says that the 123 case soon became his love. Shweta says that one year back, Neil married a girl whom she did not approve of. Shweta says that she never accepted their marriage. Shweta brings out a bag from a cupboard and says it contains Neil’s secret things.

Shweta says that Neil went against her and therefore she started hating her. Shweta praises Avni saying that she has saved Neil’s life many times and finally she has accepted their love for each other. Shweta removes a ring from Neil’s things and says that Neil had got it to express his love to her. Shweta says that there has been a lot of bitterness between them but she is ready to have a fresh beginning with her and asks her whether she is ready for this. Avni emotionally takes the ring box and hugs Shweta. Avni asks Shweta about Juhi. Shweta says that Neil and Avni love each other and love will make Neil forget his past. Avni reaches near a lake side and remembers her and Neil’s first meeting. Neil comes there and asks Avni why she has called him here. Avni says that they met each other here for the first time. Neil says he wants to say something important but Avni ignores him. Avni says that she wanted to kill Dayawanti but Neil changed her with his love. Avni tells Neil that he has always supported her. Avni says that she has not been able to tell him what he wanted to hear. Avni tells Neil that he must be worried as Juhi is back. Avni says that she may not be as smart as Juhi but she wants him to choose her over Juhi. Avni bends down before Neil and says she wants to spend her life with him. Avni puts the ring forward and asks Neil whether he will accept her. Neil remembers Juhi’s words that Guruma has their daughter. Neil tells Avni that he is the father of Juhi’s daughter. Neil says he has a five year old daughter. Avni is speechless and is about to fall over the railing but Neil saves her. Neil and Avni have a romantic eye-lock. Juhi cries remembering Guruma’s words that she will not get her daughter.  Shweta chooses the gown for the anniversary. Neela is lost in thought and Bebe asks her if she is fine. Neela says that she is fearing for Avni and thinks that something bad is going to happen. Bebe asks her not to worry. Prakash asks whether it will be appropriate to celebrate their anniversary with Juhi’s presence. Shweta asks Prakash not to say such things. Shweta admits her past mistake and has moved on. Neil tells Avni that his past is not ready to leave him and knows that it is difficult for Avni to accept this. Neil tells Avni that he will accept whatever decision she takes. Avni walks away and Neil is hurt. Avni turns around and asks Neil to come along. Avni holds Neil’s hand and says she is with him and asks him to say what he wants to.

Naamkaran Precap:

Neil tells his family that he and Juhi have a little daughter. Avni says that the girl is in some chawl and she will save her.

Naamkaran: Neil leaves wedding, Avni to leave the house

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