Naamkaran 11 September 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 11th September 2017, Naamkaran 11 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (11.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Neil puts handcuff on Avni and leaves. Dayawanti puts tika on Juhi and tells her that if she wants to become free, she has to get Avni to rang-mahal in place of herself. Avni asks DD to open the handcuff but DD refuses.

Dayawanti tells Juhi that she will support her and will make her free from Ragini Pandit. Dayawanti gives Juhi time to think about her offer. Avni sees Ali’s video. Dayawanti wonders why Avni has still not arrived in search of Ali. Avni’s friends receive message from Avni and set out to help her. Avni tells DD that Ali writes all his personal things in a diary and asks him to search it. Neil calls DD and asks him to keep an eye on Avni.

DD goes to search for diary and Avni opens the handcuff. Juhi thinks about Flashback where she had proposed Neil for marriage before he goes to London for his studies. Neil refuses for marriage but instead tells her that he is committing himself to her for seven lives. Flashback ends. Balu gets the food to Juhi and tells her to feed Ali. Balu tells Juhi to take care of Ali. DD calls Neil and tells her that Avni has escaped. Dayawanti asks Amol to follow her plan.

Juhi gets food for Ali. Ali refuses the food and Juhi tells him eat the food to get strength. Ali asks Juhi why she cannot help him. Juhi says that there is no way for them to get out. Ali asks Juhi to help him as he needs to save Avni. Prakash tells Neela that Avni has run away from the cafe. Neela wonders where Avni has gone away. Neela calls Riya and ask her about Avni and Riya says he is not with her. Neil’s family members are all worried for Avni. Bebe tells Neil that Avni needs his help. Neil says that the enemies are very dangerous. Neil says he will get back Avni. Shweta says that Avni will never return to their house. Shweta shows the divorce papers and says that Avni has sent the papers.  Neela says that these papers are very old and they were in her house. Neela shows that the date is very old. Neil says he does not care about all this as he has to save Avni. Avni’s friends drop her at an isolated place and Avni asks them to leave. Avni drives the car and ask someone for the mining site. Juhi tells Guruma that Ali said that Avni’s husband Neil will make all of them free. Dayawanti is happy with Juhi for her information. DD gives information to Neil but Neil scolds DD and tells him that he does not need his help. Neil says that the same thing had happened with Juhi. Neil is furious with DD. Neil says he will go alone but DD joins him. Guruma and Juhi come to meet Ali and Guruma taunts Ali for trying to run away. Ali calls Juhi a betrayer. Juhi says no one can escape from here. Dayawanti comes there with a rod and trashes Ali saying he is useless now. Neil gets a message from Avni and he continues to track Avni. Neela tells Prakash that Avni does not want to leave Neil. Neil sees Avni in the middle of the road covered in blood. Avni falls and Neil catches her.


Avni points to a dead body and Neil is shocked to see that it is Ali.

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