Naamkaran 13 October 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 13th October 2017 Written Update, Namkaran Written Update

Today’s (13.10.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Neil asks Avni to let things go on as they are. Prakash asks Bebe not to worry and Neil will come for the function. Avni gets dressed as a bride. Neela tells Avni that her childhood dream is getting completed. Avni gets ready as a Christian bride and puts Veil on her face.

Neil too gets ready in a black tuxedo. Avni arrives at the function and Bebe praises her. Neil is mesmerized by Avni’s beauty. Bebe asks Neela about Fatima and Ali and Neela says that Fatima is not well and Ali is with her. Neela tells Avni that she has a surprise and introduces father Joseph who was Avni’s college principal. The wedding ritual starts. Neil tells Avni that no matter how many troubles come in their lives, they will always be together.

Neil promises Avni he will always be with her. Neil kisses Avni’s hand. Father asks Avni to say the wedding vows. Avni tells Neil that she will be by his side through every situation. Father asks Neil to repeat the wedding vows. Neil suddenly gets a call and he does not take it. Neil gets the call again and it is DD. Neil gets shocked by DD’s words and Neil tells Shweta that he has to go as Juhi is in the hospital.

Avni cries and drops the ring as Neil walks away. Neela picks up the ring and looks at it sadly. Guests wonder who is Juhi and why Neil left so suddenly. Avni tells the family that they should go to the hospital to be by Neil’s side. Avni apologizes to the guests saying they will not have this party today. Doctor tells Neil that it is a suicide attempt but injury is not very bad. Neil asks Juhi why she did all this. Juhi says that they have taken away her daughter from her and she does not know about her whereabouts. Neil assures her that he will; find the girl. Juhi says that she has made his life hell. Neil tells her that she is not a burden on them. Juhi says she has no one in her life and Neil says he is with her. Juhi ask Neil to promise her he will never leave her alone. Neil promises Juhi he will never leave her. Juhi and Neil hug each other. Avni and other family members have tears in their eyes, Avni says he is coming and leaves. Neela finds Avni sitting and crying and asks her not to lose hope. Neela tells her no one can come between her and Neil. Avni tells Neela that she is very strong just like her mother. Avni says she accepted the children of a man who never loved her. Avni wonders whether she can make such big sacrifice like her. Neela assures Avni she will never have to sacrifice anything, Neela tells Avni that her life is becoming like her. Neela assures Avni that Neil is not like Ashish. Neela asks Avni to fight for her rights. Avni says that she wants to talk to Aisha ma for some time. Avni ask Neela to be with Neil. Avni says she is going to meet Aisha and wants to go alone. Doctor tells Neil not to give any stress to Juhi. Neela tells Neil that Avni has gone to the graveyard. Juhi apologizes to Neil for spoiling his special day. Neil says that Avni will understand. Neela tells Neil that she will bring Avni back home and they will discuss the matter. Neil tells Shweta and Prakash that Juhi cannot be given any stress. Shweta says that Juhi  should not have done this on their special day,. Shweta scolds Neil for leaving Avni. Shweta tells Neil that she did not think about Avni. Shweta tells Neil that he can leave Avni anytime. Shweta says that no one knows where Avni has gone. Neil asks where is Avni. Neela comes there and says that Avni was not at the graveyard. Neela asks where is Avni and where has she gone suddenly.

Naamkaran 14 October 2017 Precap:

Neil gets a letter from Avni asks him not to search for her. Avni arrives somewhere in a plane. Avni meets a man in the plane.  

Naamkaran latest news – Neil and Avni to meet in Goa

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